Vantage Point

The Market-Leading Virtual Classroom Platform

Revolutionizing the Virtual Classroom

Vantage Point provides a training, teaching and meeting space that blends the virtual with the physical. Whether you’re in an academic or corporate setting, Vantage Point, offers a flexible virtual classroom solution that enables collaboration, engagement, and scalability and facilitates authentic learning.

Authentic eLearning

Designed for the way humans actually learn and share, Vantage Point creates an eLearning space that not only maximizes instructor and participant communication, it virtually eliminates bandwidth limitations and now offers even better telephony. Best of all, it leaves a zero-carbon footprint.

Builds on the Strengths of Adobe Connect

There is no denying that Adobe Connect is the most advanced and sophisticated learning platform today. Vantage Point extends Adobe Connect’s power by enabling facilitators to deliver a full classroom experience, in an advanced virtual environment. Sitting seamlessly on top of Adobe Connect, Vantage Point adds depth to the virtual classroom building on core Adobe Connect functionality, capabilities that users want but have not been able to achieve with just Adobe Connect.