When it comes to managing EHS across a large portfolio of sites there is a mountain of data to manage, and the data comes in many formats. 

There are Phase I Assessments, hazard assessments, asbestos surveys, environmental checklists, health and safety meeting minutes, OHS audits, and that doesn’t even begin to address the EHS activities that your team manages across the portfolio each day.  

Add to that the impact of staff changes, environmental hazards, site acquisitions and dispositions, accidents and regulatory compliance – it can quickly become overwhelming! 

How do you even begin to manage it all?

How the Refined Data platform unlocks value in your organization

Working closely with our clients, we raised the bar on efficiency and effectiveness for EHS and Operations groups in real estate management companies.  Here’s the approach we took:

Connect Stakeholders…

  • Site management
  • Site maintenance
  • Site service providers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Regional managers
  • EHS portfolio managers
  • Senior executives
  • Investors
  • Insurers
  • Lenders
EHS and Operations Team

With Integrated Resources…

  • A mobile app for your site management team, vendors and consultants to complete inspections, assessments checklists and tasks
  • Create custom surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data
  • A document repository for site EHS reports, hazard assessments, OHS reports snd more.
  • A detailed inventory of hazardous materials (like asbestos) and OHS issues at each site
  • A regulatory reference library with a summary of Real Estate related EHS regulations by state and province for all the stakeholders to access.
  • A task management system for field staff and vendors to use to track and complete both scheduled and unscheduled work

To Enable Boiler Room to Boardroom Connectivity!

We have found with our clients that when you provide stakeholders with integrated, real time resources, you create an exponential breakthrough in performance.  Vendors become your partners.  Sites come to life with real time, actionable data.  Site management is freed from mundane administration and focus more time on serving tenants and occupants.  EHS professionals leverage data-driven insights and resilient, responsive management.  Executives and investors focus on asset value, not risk and compliance – we have that covered.

We call this boiler room to board room connectivity.  Our unique approach to empowering and elevating your most important resources: the men and women who serve your tenants and protect your assets.

Our team at Refined Data is always ready to unlock value in your organization.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are convenient but create silos of data and barriers to automation! Why work alone?

Create Collaboration

Refined Data connects vendors, site management, portfolio managers and tenants. Everyone on the same page.

Deliver Visibility

Our mobile app connects site inspections and tasks to real time EHS and Operations dashboards.

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