Address the Rising Cost of Compliance

Control Compliance Costs

It seems like everyday regulatory pressure is increasing along with operational complexity. As budgets tighten across the board, there is a demand for quicker response times, and with that, the cost of compliance increases. There is a need to re-evaluate traditional compliance management, and a need to shift in compliance management from reactive to strategic.

Compliance leaders are now expected to not only proactively identify new risks but also support growth opportunities. This can only happen if there is a strategy, and that strategy can only work with real-time data to help it.

The goal of Refined Data is to allow you to keep up with regulatory demands in a cost-effective manner, provide knowledge through data and drive growth that is sustainable across any sized portfolio.

Refined Data can track the energy consumption of one building, a specific asset class or the consumption of an entire portfolio, it can follow a slip and fall from the first report, to a building response, to a settlement (if required) and to its potential impact on an entire portfolio. What it does, is take a holistic view of a portfolio and allow you to create reports based on any number of criteria using any number of data points. It allows you not to miss opportunities to capture the greatest value from a portfolio.

Health and Safety Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Compliance Summary


  • Environmental, Health & Safety Regulations for all Provinces and select States

  • Compliance Surveys and Checklists

  • Integrated Change Management

  • Searchable EHS Regulations

  • Document and Report Management

  • Municipal Order Compliance

  • Comply with Lender and Insurer Requirements

  • Corrective Action Management


  • Scalable, Sustainable Portfolio Management

  • Movile App for Site Team Management

  • Browser application for EHS Managers

  • Multi-Lingual User Interface

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We Can Help

We’d be happy to discuss your EHS requirements and demonstrate the Refined Data Platform.

“The software is comprehensive, easy to use and has the flexibility to grow with our needs over the coming years. Refined Data has delivered excellent and personalized customer service, support and training to the many users in RioCan’s Operations, Asset Management, Insurance and Executive Teams”

Mark Huot

National Director, Health and Safety


Founder and CEO, Refined Data

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