Talking Stick

Stream HD audio and video from unlimited webcams and remote sources!

Speak softly and click on Talking Stick

Talking Stick is named after the tribal cultural practice of passing around an iconic stick. Whoever held the stick, held the floor and the right to speak. In the digital world, our Talking Stick is a way to assign both bandwidth and the stage to specific participants in an Adobe Meeting Room. It works best when paired with Cachet.

Make it yours

Add your own custom branding to all feeds by adding a watermark to all video feeds.

Total Control

Hosts can communicate through synchronous video or give attendees control.

High Quality Video

Stream high quality, full-screen audio and video from unlimited webcams and remote sources including camcorders, studio cameras, video capture devices, and more.

Flexible, adaptive

Broadcast unlimited live Flash Media streams from any FMS or CDN server.

Remote Activation

Remote activation of Attendee webcams without having to grant Enhanced Rights.

Pre-load playlists

Use Talking Stick manager to create and save playlists for faster setup up.

Plug-ins galore

Add pods like Vantage Point, Hands Up and Cachet more functionality.

Customize it!

Add custom titles and video overlays to any video feed for TV Studio effects.

Remote Control

Hosts can remotely select the audio and video devices of all Attendees without their intervention.

Talking Stick, Cachet: The Dynamic Duo

Talking Stick is a high-quality video streaming product which replaces the low-quality video stream built into Adobe Connect. Cachet tracks attendees to ensure they’ve all streamed video before hitting play, to prevent interruptions. The Dynamic Duo of Talking Stick and Cachet puts the powers and control of the sessions in your hands.

Manage bandwidth, maintain interactivity in the meeting or learning space with minimal lag. It’s also sophisticated virtual video mixing console.

We succeed when you succeed.

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Discover how Talking Stick bridged the gap for Ford

Ford Australia had trouble disseminating their content to dealerships because of distance and bandwidth issue. Talking Stick allowed them  to provide their dealership teams on-demand training with high resolution video.