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Global Warming and Real Estate – It’s long overdue for us to lead the way!

The Real Estate sector forms one of the bedrocks of society. In 2016 Fortune Magazine estimated the value of all residential, commercial, forest and agricultural land to be $217 trillion dollars. By way of comparison, the total value of all the gold ever mined from prehistory to present is approximately $6 trillion. This, in my view makes Real Estate the pre-eminent global asset class that has the most power to impact national and international economies.… [ read full ]

Data Intelligence for the Real Estate Sector: Freeing humans from the equation

The hype around data intelligence is huge. If you listen to the experts it will: Allow you to see the future from patterns of data from the past Create breakthroughs in business productivity by exposing hidden opportunities Allow machine learning to take over from human thinking to make better decisions In the real estate sector, we deal with massive amounts of data. Buildings are complex entities that spew forth literally millions of data points, from… [ read full ]