Refined Data makes it easy to deliver exceptional levels of service to your retail tenants. The Mobile App is dead simple to use, so even your most tech-reluctant team member can get going on day one. Every team member across your portfolio can collect information from daily activities, collaborate in real-time, inspire tenant loyalty, manage risk, and improve operational performance. The clear and concise dashboards let you see operational activities in real-time for every site.

See what the solution can do

How Refined Data helps you manage Retail Properties

Foster loyalty

Give you tenants exceptional levels of service with our agile and easy-to-use Mobile App. Monitor tenant satisfaction across your entire portfolio.

Keep tenants safe and happy

Build long-lasting relationships with your tenants and keep the general public safe by ensuring all your shopping areas are clean, safe and inviting.

Create and support high-performance teams

We have built a flexible and agile platform that your whole team can use to work effectively, prioritize tasks and respond confidently and quickly.

Create a high-performance workplace

Contact us to explore the most functional, agile and easy-to-use operations and compliance solution available for Real Estate.

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