A Solution for REITs

Refined Data delivers a complete solution for REITs. Our operations module is designed to be flexible and intuitive so your site teams can adopt it quickly, with almost no training. One of our REIT clients has branded the software internally as “Ops-in-a-box”, pointing to the ease of use and rate of adoption.

How Refined Data helps REITs

A complete solution for REITs

Organize and track all reports, warranties, work orders, preventive maintenance, and inspections in a single location

Manage Risk and Compliance

Ensure all your sites operate safely and in compliance with all the applicable regulations.

Create and support high-performance teams

We have built a flexible and agile platform that your whole team can use to work effectively, prioritize tasks and respond confidently and quickly. It’s a boiler room to board room solution.

Create a high-performance workplace

Contact us to explore the most functional, agile and easy-to-use operations and compliance solution available for Real Estate.