Other Property Types

The Refined Data platform has a unique and flexible architecture that allows the solution to be configured for a wide range of property types. Whether you run a hospital or an airport, a campus or an institution, Refined Data’s agile architecture and easy-to-use interface will allow you to import your property information and get up and running in days rather than months. Call us to discuss what Refined Data can make possible for you.

How Refined Data helps you manage your properties

Flexible & Agile

Refined Data’s flexible and agile design has you up and running in no time – no matter what type of facility you operate.

Client-Centric Culture

With over a decade of experience serving happy clients and over 3,500 buildings on the platform, you can be assured you are in good hands.

Create and support high-performance teams

We have built a flexible and agile platform that your whole team can use to work effectively, prioritize tasks and respond confidently and quickly.

Create a high-performance workplace

Contact us to explore the most functional, agile and easy-to-use operations and compliance solution available for Real Estate.