Commercial Offices

Refined Data delivers a compelling solution for Commercial Offices. Our risk management platform is flexible, intuitive and enterprise-grade. The Environmental, Health and Safety modules lower risk, reduce unforeseen liability and protect investor returns. The operations solution is agile and easy-to-use, so your whole team can be up and running in days rather than months.

How Refined Data helps Commercial Properties

Enhance your brand

Deliver the highest levels of service with our agile and easy-to-use Mobile App. Make the best possible strategic decisions with clear and concise dashboards that monitor portfolio performance.

Manage Risk and Compliance

Ensure all your buildings operate safely and in compliance with all the applicable regulations.

Create and support high-performance teams

We have built a flexible and agile platform that your whole team can use to work effectively, prioritize tasks and respond confidently and quickly. It’s a boiler room to board room solution.

Create a high-performance workplace

Contact us to explore the most functional, agile and easy-to-use operations and compliance solution available for Real Estate.