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Whether you operate commercial, multi-family, retail, industrial or other property types, Refined Data provides you with everything you need to grow NOI, foster tenant loyalty and cut costs by increasing operational efficiencies


The unique demands placed on operating REITs call for a flexible, agile and comprehensive solution that can grow with the organization. Our operations module is designed to be flexible and intuitive, meaning your site teams can adopt it quickly, with almost no training. Our risk module is fully integrated so your operations and corporate professionals are able to manage as a team using a single seamless platform.

Commercial Offices

We understand that generating and maintaining tenant loyalty is a key component to successfully managing commercial office space. Refined Data allows you to deliver a highly responsive customer experience while empowering your site teams to generate the most efficient building operations.


Refined Data makes it easy to collect the wide range of information required to effectively manage a multi-family portfolio. Collaboration in real-time, inspire tenant loyalty, manage risk, and improve operational performance from a single unified platform.


With the new pressures facing retail from online stores it has never been more important to create a shopping experience that brings the public into shopping malls. The challenge of creating a destination that attracts and retains tenants is unprecedented and the operational stakes are high. The flexibility and ease of use inherent to the Refined Data platform mean your field staff spend time using the solution to work efficiently, ensure tenants are happy, and control operating costs.


We understand the particular challenges posed by industrial properties, both from an operational and a risk management perspective. Refined Data is uniquely positioned to address industrial portfolios, with modules that address workflow, maintenance and traditional site operations combined with an integrated environment, health and safety platform. From a single platform, you can now manage all aspects of your operations, while keeping costs in line and reducing liability.

Other Property Types

The unique and flexible architecture of Refined Data supports a wide range of property types. From hospitals to airports and institutions, Refined Data’s agile architecture and easy-to-use interface has you and your team up and running in days rather than months.

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