How we work with you…

Whether you’re an owner, tenant, property manager, consultant, vendor partner or executive, you can count on us to deliver what you expect – and more!


As a real estate executive, your role in controlling costs and keeping occupancy rates high are two prime objectives when it comes to maximizing the value of your assets. Refined Data gives you a window into your portfolio day or night to see real-time performance data so you can make the best possible strategic decisions.

Property Managers

As a property manager, you are the hub of the organization, balancing the demands of the site with the organization’s needs. Our platform empowers by giving you practical tools to connect with and manage your team. You also get exception reports and site dashboards to ensure vendor performance and control operational costs, so you free up time for your most important asset – your tenants.


Tenant satisfaction is at the heart of a vibrant, productive property. Happy tenants are loyal tenants and Refined Data is the genie in the bottle to connect your team with your most important asset.


Your vendor partners play a critical role in the performance of your properties. The Refined Data mobile app is provided to your vendors at no cost, so they become a full extension of the property management teams. When you empower your vendor partners and improve their work experience, you forge the kind of relationship that delivers consistent performance, efficiency and value.


Consultants are vital advisors in keeping your properties performing at the highest levels. The Refined Data mobile app is available to your consultants at no cost, so they become a full extension of the site and corporate management team. They can run surveys and questionnaires from Refined Data and can submit reports and advice directly into the system. Authentication and automated audit trails ensure the security of each consultant’s work product.

Create a high-performance workplace

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