Supercharge your eTraining programs

Refined Training has the power to create, manage, deploy, and track highly engaging online training programs with instant access. More than just an LMS, it’s a complete system for delivering blended eLearning, with self-paced courses or compelling, live, instructor-led classrooms.

Looking for a flexible solution? Our Refined Training Subscription lets you pay for the seats you use as you use them. Ramp up. Ramp down. Support and updates are included.

We hear you loud and clear

Support for up to 70 languages. Chances are one of them will be the right one.

Easy hands on control

Managing a plethora of plug-ins is as easy as point and click.

Make it yours and customize

Fully customizable and allows for branding options. It’ll look like you made it yourself.

Add a revenue stream, monetize your thoughts

eCommerce support is included so you can sell materials, like books, ebooks, audio tapes, or whatever you want.

Automatic device recognition

Detects device and screen size of each user and optimizes accordingly.

Enterprise reporting tools

Unlock the hidden value in your Learning Database with our enterprise-grade reporting tools powered by our reporting module.

Refined Training LMS Subscription

All the features, no problems.

We make it easy to meet your goals and control your budget.

You pay only for your active users each month. You won’t find a more flexible Learning Platform anywhere—or a faster set up.
Whether it’s an academic need or an enterprise setting, our reporting tools are geared to your needs. Pull a report on any data field of your LMS from anywhere. Or build custom report views with sophisticated filters and output in multiple formats.

Cloud Based LMS

Refined Training gives you everything you need to rapidly create, manage, deploy, and track highly engaging online training that everyone can access instantly.

It Has Everything

Refined Training is a rich web communication system that lets you reach your audience anytime with engaging multimedia content.

Train Live or On-Demand

The Refined Training to Adobe® Connect integration is seamless. Train anyone, anywhere, in live-online classrooms or record your sessions for on-demand playback. Best practices prove the best learning platforms should offer blended courses that combine live, instructor-led sessions with self-paced content. Refined Training gives you the flexibility to deliver the perfect combination to meet the needs of any program.

User Authentication

Supports a range of SSO authentication mechanisms (LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, Shiboleth etc.) through plug-in authentication modules, allowing easy integration with your existing systems.

Professional Development

Deploy Professional Compliance Portals with live events that issue CPD credits and certificates.

Make Virtual Training Real

Make it real and reproduce the in-person, in-classroom experience online in a way you’ve never seen before with patented tools like Vantage Point.

iMIS Integration

Add an integrated LMS to your iMIS deployment with Refined Training. Associations, Fundraisers, Regulatory Bodies and other organizations who want to add an Enterprise LMS for training or CPE Credit Courses will love the deep integration we’ve built between the two platforms. SSO, eCommerce, Certification—it’s all here.

Global Workforce Support

Full support for international time zones and multiple language interfaces.

Manage Events

Use Refined Training as a full blown, online event registration and management system for no additional cost.

Social Learning

Create a social learning environment with optional forums, wikis and blogs.


Suitable for 100% online curricula or to supplement face to face learning.


Track who’s watching videos of recordings of missed classes and grade accordingly.

Robust Administration

Complete access to all of your site’s administration tools, available 24/7.

Content Creation

One of the best features of using Refined Training for content creators is actually creating learning material.