Refined Telephony

Take your communications to another level.

Talk, listen, learn, share

Alexander Graham Bell would barely recognize today’s telephone let alone mobile smartphones. He’d also be flabbergasted by Refined Data Solution’s take on his venerable invention.

Refined Telephony is  cutting edge audio conferencing offered as a stand-alone solution or as a plug-in for our Vantage Point and Adobe Connect package of video conferencing solutions.

With the ability to  simultaneously translate up to six different languages in real-time, Refined Data’s telephony solutions are not only cost effective and clear—they make international conferencing simple and convenient.

And for advanced clarity, convenience, and constant connectivity in your virtual classrooms, try our new WebPhone—the most advanced audio conferencing solution available today for virtual classroom course delivery and virtual meetings.

Fast and simple

Start a call with just one click


Privately conference with other participants and annotate the meeting.

HQ audio

Connect with SIP-based systems like Tandberg or Polycom, use wideband for HQ audio and recordings.

Let the system do the work

Have the system automatically call attendees before the meeting starts

We hear you

Translate up to six different languages in real-time.

Global reach

Have invited guests automatically called or dial out to anywhere in the world.

Talk up your business, learn more

Plug Refined Telephony into your virtual meeting, use it as a stand alone or we’ll engineer it to work in almost as many ways as you can think up. Customer call centre? No problem.

Telephone Tree? Yes, we can.

Focus Groups? Absolutely. Plus we have the patented One-Way Glass technology so you can “observe” those conversations.

If you don’t have Adobe Connect or don’t need Vantage Point, Refined Telephony is a stand-alone audio conferencing system solution.

It offers the same multilingual conference calls as rPhone with simultaneous interpretation and as with all Refined Data products and solutions, we’ve baked in ease of use and management with a moderator dashboard which is a breeze to navigate.