Refined Data connects portfolio managers with site managers and service providers, creating a unified, efficient and collaborative team.

Are your preventative maintenace programs more like emergency response? Something unexpected happens and its a mad scramble. 

Its challenging to stay on top of both scheduled tasks and occupant requests if your field staff are managing with paper checklists, home-grown Excel spread sheets or from memory. With buildings getting more complex and the expactations of occupants on the rise, how do you make it all work?

More than a decade of experience has told us the solution is to connect office staff, field staff and your vendors to create a single, cohesive team. To make this a reality, we developed a radical approach; a mobile app for the field, connected to an enterprise cloud solution for the office and we made the mobile app FREE for your vendors to use! One Team.

When you all operate from the same page everyone wins; you, your field staff, the vendors you partner with and, most importantly, your tenants and occupants!

The Challenge

The challenges with preventative maintenance are broad and deep. From uniform implementation across numerous sites, to the individual nuances of a sole property. It stretches from municipal orders placing stress on your budget to legal contracts as well as liability claims. Preventative Maintenance is everyone’s responsibility – you need to coordinate your team from operations managers to building maintenance personnel and even service providers.

The Solution

Step forward Refined Data’s Operations App and Platform. A solution that connects preventative maintenance responsibilities of operations managers, site managers, building maintenance and service providers.  Frictionless, paperless, mobile preventative maintenance without the administrative burden.

Best of all, our mobile app is available at NO COST to an unlimited number of users when you purchase the EHS and Operations portfolio management platform from Refined Data.

Key Features

Let’s look at some of the features Refined Data’s solution provides to various stakeholders.

Operations Managers

  • Reduce on-boarding time and cost associated with staff turnover.
  • Achieve consistent operational quality and standards throughout the portfolio.
  • Assign standard and custom preventative maintenance tasks to all sites and buildings.
  • Attach instructions, policies and procedure documentation to tasks.  Site staff and service providers always know what is expected.
  • Connect tasks to surveys or checklists for detailed evidence that procedures are followed to the letter.
  • Real time overdue task metrics by site, task type, asset type.
  • Adjust maintenance frequency or identify under-performing service providers based on deficiency rates.
  • GPS location verifies that teams are on site when tasks are completed.
EHS Winning Team
mobile checklists, surveys, inspections, incident report

Site Managers

  • Paperless preventative maintenance, hazard control, deficiencies, surveys and inspections.
  • Assign tasks to internal maintenance staff or to service providers.
  • Receive email notification when key tasks are completed.
  • Sign up for weekly overdue task notifications.
  • Identify overdue tasks.
  • Assign corrective action tasks or reopen maintenance tasks that fail inspection.
  • Request estimates from service providers for non-contracted work.
  • Place work on hold until purchase orders are approved.
  • Re-assign tasks when staff are on vacation.

Maintenance Teams & Service Providers

  • Maintenance teams complete tasks from a shared maintenance queue.
  • Attach photos and comments to completed tasks.
  • Read instructions and follow checklists associated with tasks.
  • Complete surveys and checklists.
  • Tasks and photos are stamped with GPS location on completion.

Preventative Maintenance : Bringing it all together

Preventative maintenance isn’t something we can take lightly, nor is it something that we can afford to cut corners with. Indeed the best solution ties everything together for us and provides real-time data and dashboard information on key tasks. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single property or a multi-site portfolio, the data, the teams, the providers, the management need to be tied together. It’s not just good for the site, it’s good for the corporation that manages the site.

Refined Data’s (something) brings it all together for you, seamless, paperless, frictionless, efficient. 

To find out more, please reach out and contact us.

Benefits of the System

  • You are able to measure progress toward completion of company goals and objectives
  • Give field staff a valuable tool for driving continuous improvement via the Mobile App
  • Deliver a responsive inspection program that provides a clear signal to employees that they are valued members of the organization, and that management is proactive in improving health, safety and sustainability

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