Clear and Simple—It's Audio Perfection!

The most advanced audio solution for your virtual meetings and training, WebPhone combines convenience, quality, and flexibility—And it saves you money!

Improve the clarity of your audio conferencing and virtual meetings with this simple to use audio plug in. Joining the audio conference is as simple as one click—your meeting participants are immediately connected.


High Quality Audio

A clear connection. An optimal audio experience.

Uninterrupted Connection

Stay connected with your participants via audio, even if your attendees inadvertently leave the Adobe room.


Launch the Audio Wizard and give your attendees the option of telephone or WebPhone connection. Troubleshoot with one click.

Break the language barrier

Translate up to six languages in real-time.

Save Money

WebPhone offers significant savings over telephone connection.

Social Learning

Freely pair participants in breakouts regardless of their audio modality.

An Enhanced Virtual Classroom Experience

For Adobe Connect and Vantage Point™ users, the benefits are numerous. Launch WebPhone from your virtual classroom, and give your attendees choice. Whether they join by WebPhone or telephone, attendees can communicate freely both in the classroom and in their virtual breakouts.

No more waiting for attendees to troubleshoot their audio connections. You can switch them from the telephone to Webphone with one click of the audio wizard. It’s that easy!

And since the audio conference launches in the browser, your attendees remain connected, even if they inadvertently leave the Adobe Connect classroom. 

Ensure your sessions are uninterrupted and your participants remain connected. 

Flexible Virtual Breakouts

We know that social learning and collaboration are a significant component of most training programs. Vantage Point has always offered advanced breakout capabilities in the virtual classroom, but WebPhone makes this feature even better.

Without having to distinguish between participants using various audio options, creating breakouts has never been this simple.

Just drag and drop your participants into their breakouts and begin the session—no fussing with audio connections; no switching to other audio options, no limitations. Simply click, drag, and launch your breakouts.