Insurance Renewal

EHS teams typically spend up to three months working with their colleagues to pull together all the reports, data and information required to renew your insurance. Imagine if it only took a couple of days!

The Current Status

If you manage a property portfolio, it probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that EHS teams spend up to three months pulling together the information to renew your insurance. It takes this long because the information is siloed,  disjointed and disconnected, so it takes a huge effort to find it and pull it all together.

From hand-written notes on file to SharePoint documents sitting on a server, it’s tough to get the information you need when you need itt. And that’s just the information that we know about! What about those reports that are yet to reach the EHS team and are materially significant to the risk profile?

Imagine having all the information we need, in one place, at your fingertips.

How We Can Help

How does Refined Data’s platform solve these issues?

We worked closely with our clients to get to the root of the problem; simplifying data collection and reporting. Putting you in control of the paper trail…not the other way around. We built a solution that lets you quickly select which environmental reports are complete and which need to be prioritized before your next insurance renewal. Now you have the data you need when you need it.

How about bringing it together?

We’ve built an amazing document portal to lets you group sites and select report types that are packaged at the click of a button. As new reports arrive, we identify and package those that you need. The flexibility of the document packaging portal isn’t limited to insurance renewals, it lets you quickly respond to requests for information from investors, consultants, tenants and other stakeholders in your business.

We’ve listened carefully to the day-to-day and long term frustrations of our real estate clients. With a platform that brings together EHS, Operations, legislative changes, site assessments, data collection and reporting. We’re breaking down the silos and streamlining the process. The status quo isn’t good enough and now there is a solution.

We can give you the tools to do things more efficiently and with less frustration than your current approach. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d welcome a chance to speak to you and understand your needs.

Benefits of the System

  • Save weeks of tedious effort assembling documents and reports
  • Let insurance companies see only the documents, photos, files, links, and other relevant information they need at the click of a button
  • Access files and reports from anywhere using the Mobile App
  • Feel free to contact us for more information…

Why Use Refined Data’s Platform


  • Compliance Surveys and Checklists

  • Corrective Action Management

  • Document and Report Management

  • Municipal Order Compliance

  • Comply with Lender and Insurer Requirements

  • Integrated Change Management


  • Scalable, Sustainable Portfolio Management

  • Mobile App for Site Team Engagement

  • Browser Application for EHS Managers

  • Multi-Lingual User Interface

  • Measure portfolio compliance using our library of mobile surveys, checklists, audits and assessments

  • Automatic corrective action tasks in response to site survey responses

  • Survey analytics identify opportunities for compliance training, safety or procedure updates

  • Provide mobile checklists to keep maintenance teams safe and compliant as they complete tasks

  • A paperless, responsive, data-driven approach to compliance management from the boiler room to the boardroom… without the spreadsheets

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We Can Help

We’d be happy to discuss your EHS requirements and demonstrate the Refined Data Platform.

“The software is comprehensive, easy to use and has the flexibility to grow with our needs over the coming years. Refined Data has delivered excellent and personalized customer service, support and training to the many users in RioCan’s Operations, Asset Management, Insurance and Executive Teams”

Mark Huot

National Director, Health and Safety


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