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Real Estate Insurance

Insurers are increasingly placing a premium on data quality related to secondary modifiers, accuracy of insurable values, and completeness of your statement of values (SOV).  In the face of rapidly rising insurance costs, the business case for effective management of insurance information and risk mitigation strategies is more compelling than ever before.

Verifiable Statement of Values

Your SOV is a key document in the renewal conversation.  Track updates, work collaboratively, reference supporting documentation and dynamically generate a prior or current premium allocation schedule.  And yes, export your SOV to Excel if you choose to do so.

Complete Claims History

A complete multi-year incident and claims history goes a long way to communicating the quality of your risk, safety and insurance management programs, and defines the degree of risk associated with every building.  Why have insurers assume the worst case when the evidence supports a low risk profile?

Compliance Inspections

Provide evidence of routine safety or compliance inspections and audits, deficiencies observed, and an audit-ready log of corrective and preventative actions implemented.  Safe, compliant buildings are cheaper to insure.  And your occupants and investors will thank you too!

Assessments and Safety Certificates

Identify buildings where key consultant assessment reports or safety certificates are either not on file or about to expire.  When insurance renewal time arrives, your reports and documents are ready to be shared or reviewed at the click of a button.

Control the Renewal Conversation

A complete statement of values, detailed history of risk assessment and risk mitigation, and complete claims history will change the renewal conversation.  Avoid sharp premium increases in a very challenging market.