Hands Up

Make your Adobe Connect meetings fun and interactive

Hands Up! One click to engage them all

Hands Up! is a suite of interactive tools for participants to ask a question, applaud, make comments and asides without interrupting the audio or video stream.

Their actions appear as icons on the screen but don’t break the flow of the meeting or training session. They’re fun and innovative and restore the human element to the virtual space.

Multi-task, multi-chat

Use the back channels privately conference with other participants and annotate the meeting.

Flexible with HQ audio

Connect with SIP-based systems like Tandberg or Polycom, use wideband for high quality audio and recordings.

Stepped Away Notifications

Receive alerts whenever learners walk away from their computer, begin multi-tasking or just minimize Connect.

Track Attendance

Set a timer or manually challenge attendees to see if you have everyone’s attention.

Add Chat Support To Your Meetings

Solve many technical issues for your students with chat support via Lifeline!

Chat Notification

Host receives audible alerts when new chats are posted. Perfect when desktop sharing.

Works with Adobe Room Status

Triggers the Adobe Status icons in the standard attendee pod.

Pair Tech Support To Your Ticketing System

Send your students’ tech support requests directly to an integrated ticketing system.

Instant Polling

Create questions to ask your attendees while you present, to get an overall temperature of your classroom.

Hear Laughter and Applause

Host can optionally activate sound effects to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Send Support Requests To Tech Directly

Let your instructors focus on instructing – keep support requests out of the chat feed!

We hear you

Translate up to six different languages in real-time.

Have it your way.

Choose to display some or all icons. It’s up to you.

New – You can now turn on audible or visual notifications when a new chat message arrives for you.

Give Your Students A Hand…

Offer live support directly from your meeting room or through your LMS.

Give students the ability to reach out to your support team directly so the Instructor can stay on topic.

Check out this video on how to use Hands Up!

Your Meeting’s In Good Hands

Research shows that increasing interactivity in any learning environment increases attendance, engagement and learning outcomes.

Hands Up! is one of the best ways of getting participants to interact.

Hands Up – our most popular add-on for Connect. Hands Up! helps you engage, entertain and know your audience