The Carbon and Cost Savings Calculator for Adobe® Connect.

Attendees see the Green Impact of your meetings, your finance department will see how much green you're saving!

Calculate Carbon, Cost and Distance Savings

Just drop Footprints into your Adobe Connect meeting rooms to automatically calculate your attendees carbon, cost and distance savings based on the meeting host's location.

Advanced Analytics

The real power behind Footprints, log in to your analytics manager to view your savings data by meeting, date, department, attendee, and much more.

Export Your Data

Log in to your Footprints manager to select your savings data any way you like, and export it to CSV for use in any spreadsheet application.

  • View Attendee Locations
  • Configure Your Travel Costs
  • View Saving by Attendee
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Show Savings with HTML5 Widget
  • Breakdown by Department

Collect your carbon, cost and distance savings in your meeting rooms, then view, report and export your data in your Footprints manager. The perfect addition to any Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate.

Are you ready to unleash the power of data on your online communications?

Get the metrics that matter! Understand how your online training sessions or meetings are helping your company and saving the planet. Learn how Footprints can fit into your company’s Data-Driven Decision-making initiatives.