Portfolio Risk Management for Real Estate

We help manage risk across your portfolio to protect your downside

Manage risk and guard against potential liabilities across your portfolio

With Refined Data’s advanced Environment and Operations Risk Management platform, your sites manage compliance using consistent policies and procedures that ensure you have the safest, best-run buildings. New employees know what to do from day one and your tenants appreciate and value the security and peace of mind.

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Building Operations Risk (CMMS)
A full CMMS for building and occupant safety

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Operations Risk Management Specifically for Real Estate

Bring peace of mind that all your operational risk issues are identified and mitigated in a straightforward, cost-effective manner.  With the Refined Data suite of Operations and Risk Management Modules, you can manage every aspect of risk across the life cycle of acquiring, operating and selling a property or portfolio.

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Risk Management for your portfolio from acquisition to disposition

EHS Regulations for All Your Sites

Ensure you stay in compliance with a summary of important regulations relevant to real estate. The summaries are intuitive and easy to use and make sure that everyone is aware of their compliance responsibilities.

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