Environment, Health & Safety

Manage risk and safety at your buildings with an agile and flexible operations platform

Create Best Practices

Protect your reputation, maintain consistency and ensure everyone is working off the same playbook of best practices. Particularly when you hire new employees they can hit the ground running.

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Audits, Assessments and Inspections
Ensure your buildings are operating safely, efficiently and in compliance.

“Refined Data has saved us thousands of hours by making our inspections consistent across all our sites”

Renee Sims, Assistant Vice President, Insurance, RIOCAN

Environment, Health & Safety Specifically for Real Estate

With Refined Data’s advanced Environment, Health & Safety platform, your sites manage compliance using consistent policies and procedures that ensure you have the safest, best-run buildings. New employees know what to do from day one and your tenants appreciate and value the security and peace of mind.

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EHS Regulations for All Your Sites

Ensure you stay in compliance with a summary of important regulations relevant to real estate. The summaries are intuitive and easy to use and make sure that everyone is aware of their compliance responsibilities.

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