Standards & Best Practices

The intention of Refined Data’s advanced EHS platform is two-fold. First, give your sites a standard operational playbook so everyone manages EHS from the same page. Second, automate everyday tasks like incident reporting, notifications and escalations, so nothing gets missed, and everyone is following best practices.

For more than a decade, we have developed the platform by listening closely to our customers’ input. When they told us gathering documents for insurance renewal was a headache, we automated the entire process, doing in a few hours what used to take months. And we continue to listen.

Site teams guided the development of the mobile app, so they got a tool that saves them time and also feeds field data up to dashboards, so you get the information you need to manage every aspect of EHS – literally from the boiler room to the boardroom. We invite you to let go of spreadsheets and explore a new context for EHS built on connection, effectiveness and alignment.

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