Boiler room to boardroom risk management for real estate portfolios

Our Approach

EHS Risk Management is one of the most complex and dynamic challenges facing real estate management companies today. At Refined Data, we worked hand-in-hand with our clients to meet this challenge head-on.

From risk assessments to compliance surveys our mobile solution, alongside our cloud-based network and desktop dashboards significantly reduced the administrative overhead for site operations whilst providing the management team with real-time data.

Our platform also supports ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 risk management programs with a feature set that covers risk and hazard inventories, liability, inspections and preventative maintenance programs.

The result is an EHS management program that is responsive to change and brings the sites to life with real time, actionable data.

Risk Management is a challenge, but we believe we’ve met this challenge with a mobile, digital platform for the future.

Environmental Risk

Our clients tell us  our approach to environmental risk management  is the key differentiator between our platform and our competitors.

From the outset, we built a platform to provide portfolio-wide, real-time data, not just to users at head office, but also for field staff. This means everyone has secure mobile access to EHS inspections, assessments and an inventory of identified risks and hazards.

Your risk management reports and documents are catalogued and available through any web browser or mobile device, and are  easily packaged and shared with investors, insurers, lenders and other stakeholders.

Link Consultant Reports with Actionable Data

Another key area where Refined Data have pushed the boundaries of what our platform can do for you is the ability to link consultant reports to your hazard inventory (such as asbestos, PCB’s, storage tanks, surrounding property issues and more).

Because of our mobile approach to both data and reporting, site teams can easily capture photos and notes of new environmental issues such as spills, or document hazards such as asbestos-clad pipes for review by the EHS team.

Mobility is the key component of our our boiler room to boardroom strategy which brings real-time, data-driven decision making and a new level of efficiency to your risk management program.


Inspections, Deficiencies & Corrective Action

Site management teams and service providers are your front line defence in any EHS risk management strategy.  Nowhere is the need for clear, concise and consistent communication between the on-site and back-office teams more important than in the identification of risks and hazards during routine inspections and maintenance. 

This is your first bite of the apple when it comes to risk mitigation and this is where Refined Data’s boiler room to boardroom connectivity can really make the difference.

Site managers routinely conduct deficiency walkthroughs and hazard assessments. With Refined Data’s mobile app they are able to quickly and easily document any observed hazards and/or deficiencies. This data is immediately available to your office EHS team via their management dashboard and to site maintenance via their mobile devices.

Dashboards also identify sites where inspections are not completed and provide insights into the nature and frequency of risks and hazards.

To ensure the safety of site employees and service providers we provide site-specific procedure documentation, EHS regulation summaries and checklists to ensure workers always remain safe and in compliance with the latest regulatory changes.

From mobile apps to office dashboards, our tools give you the ability to effectively control your operational risk management.

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Benefits of the System

  • Manage the risks to your business, your people and the environment.
  • Our solutions are affordable, quicker  to implement, and provide everything you and your people need to manage risk
  • A simple, intuitive design means you spend less time using the solution and more time focused on the  safety of your facilities and people

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