The first step to managing risk is knowing where it is...

The Traditional Approach

In the traditional approach to EHS risk management an environmental specialist conducts an inspection of each building, identifies the observed risks, and compiles a spreadsheet of scheduled tasks (a compliance program) designed to identify, manage, mitigate or remediate each identified risk. The selected tasks are invariably driven by a need to comply with regulations for each risk type or industry requirement. 

Site management teams are responsible for performing these checks, and consultants return to the building every one to three years to audit the building and to update their findings.

The advantage of this approach is that liability is partially deferred to the consultants in that they are responsible for identifying risks and mapping out a suitable risk management plan. 

The downside is cost (consultants are not cheap) and that risk management plans are structured around regulatory compliance rather than the magnitude of the risk or the potential for liability.

The Traditional Approach using the Refined Data EHS Management Platform

The Refined Data EHS management platform eliminates spreadsheets and printed checklists used in the traditional approach. Spreadsheets are replaced with scheduled tasks and checklists that site management teams complete using Refined Data’s mobile site management app.

The EHS management team at head office sees real-time updates of the risk management activities at the sites, including activities that are overdue. This is a breakthrough!  We’ve made life easier using mobile technology for the site management team and given the EHS management team live updates of sites where the risk management plan is not being followed.

This typically happens because site teams are overwhelmed with the daily demands of occupants, preventative maintenance and deficiencies and are not always able to complete their risk management tasks and checklists.

Checklist fatigue is a common complaint from site teams, while EHS managers complain of inaccurate responses because site teams are not adequately trained or are simply too distracted by the demands of operating a building.

The Site Risk Inventory Approach

Refined Data has taken a cue from the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 risk management standards which refer to the identification of risks followed by the creation of action plans to manage those risks.

Users of Refined Data’s EHS management platform are able to create digital catalogues of environmental and health and safety risks, rank those risks based on potential impact (and other criteria) and associate the action plan (tasks and checklists) with each risk.

As risks are removed or risk levels change, the action plan can be disabled or modified as appropriate, leaving an audit-ready digital trail of inspections, tasks and checklists completed for each risk category or risk instance.


  • Phase I Site Assessment
  • Onsite environmental records
  • Asbestos assessments
  • Site risk surveys


  • Schedule inspections
  • Schedule consultant assessments
  • Schedule compliance surveys
  • Schedule preventative maintenance tasks


  • Inspection and assessment response dashboard
  • Corrective action task completion dashboard
  • Assessment report document repository

Benefits of the System

  • Flexibility to implement both simple and sophisticated risk management strategies
  • Mobile surveys, checklists and task management
  • Easily identify tasks, surveys, checklists and inspections that are not being completed
  • Risk management is transformed from reactive and prescribed to responsive, agile and real-time

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