See how Refined Data helps our clients see what happening across every aspect of their sites...​

Refined Data has a rich collection of dashboards you can customize so you get the right information to the right person at the right time. We provide you with the data in a format that empowers you to focus your efforts where you can produce the highest value.  Refined Data also allows you to combine data across the platform so you can explore data in exciting new ways.

  • Discover new efficiencies and answer pressing questions efficiently
  • Access your data anywhere, any time, in real time using our Mobile App
  • Develop rich, vibrant reports that help you see clearly what’s happening across the portfolio
  • Communicate trends and insights to drive organizational change 

Benefits of the System

  • Manage compliance across your organization with leading-edge reporting tools that include safety and environmental risk, and much, much more

  • Give field staff the ability to see summaries of how they are performing anywhere, at any time using the Mobile App

  • Proactively manage information across your portfolio with confidence,  knowing your metrics are complete and accurate

  • Analyze data from multiple sources with multiple factors to determine risk in a whole new light

What Clients Love...

All in one place

All the information you need on your properties is in one place - everything from reports to inspections to equipment. All at the click of a button.

Easy to Implement

The software is easy to implement. We work closely with your teams so training and adoption is a snap, for your office staff, your front line staff and for your IT team.

Easy to Use

There's a mobile app for field staff that makes inspections and checklists easy. The software also has powerful dashboards that let you see the entire portfolio.


Our clients are leaders with a world class reputation. We have passed the most demanding and rigorous security testing so you know your information is safe.

One Team

Our software connects your field staff and office staff with your consultants, vendors and contractors, so everyone is playing off the same page.

Create Value

When you simplify work and make life easy, you create efficiencies that go directly to the bottom line. Start to make informed, data driven decisions.

Let's talk about how a change in perspective on reporting let's you see what's happening so you maximize the value of your real estate assets...

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