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Benefits of using an EHS Management System

Refined Data helps you achieve and maintain Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance by determining which regulatory requirements are applicable to your portfolio. The system prompts continued compliance by automatically notifying users of forthcoming requirements and recent regulatory changes. Solutions like Refined Data raise the level of safety awareness and participation across your entire organization resulting in significantly lower incident rates and operating costs while increasing productivity. An EHS management system accomplishes this by creating a systematic workflow that integrates environment, health and safety initiatives directly into people’s day-to-day activities.

  • Plan and maintain EHS compliance with site-specific profiles and regulatory alerts
  • Execute and track portfolio-wide corrective and preventative actions
  • Verify your ongoing compliance status by capturing audit data and identifying gaps
  • Improve performance by capturing and analyzing EHS event data, including incidents and accidents
  • Simplifying reporting of global EHS management, compliance & sustainability program.

Why use an EHS Management System?

The two foundational reasons to use and EHS Management System like Refined Data are:

  1. To increase efficiency, and
  2. Provide visibility across your portfolio so you can make the best decisions to minimize risk

The direct business benefits include:

  • Reducing hazards in your buildings, keeping tenants and employees safe
  • Minimize injuries
  • Manage incidents efficiently and identifying root causes to eliminate future occurrences
  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Increase management confidence
  • Boost staff morale
  • Attract and retain top talent by operating as best in class
EHS Strategy

Increasing Efficiency

An effective EHS Management System comprises of a mobile App to empower your facility staff and provide them with the tools to:

  1. Complete checklists and audits online (no more paper or spreadsheets)
  2. Identify, inventory and manage hazardous materials directly from a smartphone
  3. Provide access to reports from the field
  4. Be able to submit incident and accident reports as they happen
  5. Streamline the issuance of work orders to vendors
  6. Track the completion of assigned tasks, both internally and those assigned to vendors
  7. Eliminate duplication – everyone is operating from a single system

The above capabilities increase efficiency by streamlining audit headaches. Using spreadsheets is a common first option for companies with small portfolios of sites. However, as you grow, managing by spreadsheet hits a limit and becomes error-prone, costing you lost time and focus, and creating accounting headaches before audit deadlines. In contrast, an EHS system like Refined Data fully automates your regulatory compliance reporting and spreads the responsibility for data entry and safety management across your team.

Reduce costs, increase productivity

An EHS Management System raises the level of safety awareness and participation across your entire organization by systematically tracking and reviewing safety programs and directly engaging your employees. The results include lowering incident rates by as much as 40%, reducing operating costs by upto 30% and increasing productivity.

Impact your Culture

As well as the positive financial and organizational benefits, systems like Refined Data help you improve many of the intangibles of running your real estate portfolio. Visibility increases management confidence and staff morale which allows you to attract and retain the best people in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Why Use Refined Data’s Platform


  • Compliance Surveys and Checklists

  • Corrective Action Management

  • Document and Report Management

  • Municipal Order Compliance

  • Comply with Lender and Insurer Requirements

  • Integrated Change Management


  • Scalable, Sustainable Portfolio Management

  • Mobile App for Site Team Engagement

  • Browser Application for EHS Managers

  • Multi-Lingual User Interface

  • Measure portfolio compliance using our library of mobile surveys, checklists, audits and assessments

  • Automatic corrective action tasks in response to site survey responses

  • Survey analytics identify opportunities for compliance training, safety or procedure updates

  • Provide mobile checklists to keep maintenance teams safe and compliant as they complete tasks

  • A paperless, responsive, data-driven approach to compliance management from the boiler room to the boardroom… without the spreadsheets

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