See how Refined Data helps our clients manage Environmental and OHS issues across the portfolio...

Our mobile field inspection solution helps property staff quickly photograph and document the results of EHS site inspections. The Mobile App connects to our Regulatory Summaries so field staff get up-to-the minute guidance on what needs to be done to stay in compliance.

You can track any remedial work that needs to be done at any property through to closure and use the dashboard view to manage EHS issues across your portfolio . Core capabilities of the solution include:

  • Schedule, assign, perform, track and analyze EHS inspections
  • Photograph, document and issue corrective actions for any identified EHS issue
  • Instantly generate and assign work orders from your desktop or mobile device
  • Use pre-built reporting & trend analysis to share information

Benefits of the System

  • You ensure your buildings are operating safely, efficiently and in compliance with applicable requirements

  • You are able to measure progress toward completion of company goals and objectives

  • Give field staff a valuable tool for driving continuous improvement via the Mobile App

  • Deliver a responsive inspection program that provides a clear signal to employees that they are valued members of the organization, and that management is proactive in improving health, safety and sustainability

Overview of the EHS Inspection System

The Refined Data EHS inspection system gives you a powerful management system that forms the basis of an effective Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety program. The intuitive Mobile App makes it simple for field staff to perform inspections, schedule and track corrective actions, and share inspection results throughout the organization. 

What Clients Love...

All in one place

All the information you need on your properties is in one place - everything from reports to inspections to equipment. All at the click of a button.

Easy to Implement

The software is easy to implement. We work closely with your teams so training and adoption is a snap, for your office staff, your front line staff and for your IT team.

Easy to Use

There's a mobile app for field staff that makes inspections and checklists easy. The software also has powerful dashboards that let you see the entire portfolio.


Our clients are leaders with a world class reputation. We have passed the most demanding and rigorous security testing so you know your information is safe.

One Team

Our software connects your field staff and office staff with your consultants, vendors and contractors, so everyone is playing off the same page.

Create Value

When you simplify work and make life easy, you create efficiencies that go directly to the bottom line. Start to make informed, data driven decisions.

Let's talk about how a change in perspective elevates the conversation on how to manage EHS issue across the portfolio to enhance the value of your real estate assets...