Streamlined, Efficient, Timely

Complete insurance renewals in days not months

Save months of tedious effort. Aggregate the reports you need across your portfolio for insurance renewals in no time. You can export your reports at the click of a button or provide your insurer with access to a secure portal where the documents you select are available for review.

Promote a Safety Culture

Capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including:

  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Spills
  • Property damage, and
  • Vehicle incidents.

Save money & time

Make it easy to enter incident data at the facility from a phone, tablet or computer. No more wasting time collecting data on paper or in spreadsheets that have to be re-input later. All information is stored in a single place that is securely accessible by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

Effortlessly manage operational risk

Save money. Use refined Data to schedule inspections and document your maintenance efforts to help your broker place your business at renewal or help avoid sharp premium increases.

A Platform Built in Partnership

Refined Data was built in partnership with some of the industry’s leading real-estate brands.