Incident Management

Keep your employees and tenants safe in all of your buildings.

Promote a Safety Culture

Capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including:

  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Spills
  • Property damage, and
  • Vehicle incidents.

Give your staff the ability to report incidents and communicate how much you value their well-being and safety. Also, implement corrective actions that make sure you operate safely and avoid penalties.

The Mobile App alerts key team members immediately via an automated notification system based on roles. Escalating notifications ensure appropriate personnel know when critical resolution tasks become overdue.

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“Refined Data has been a longstanding partner in providing us with a software platform that is comprehensive, flexible and easy to use, ensuring our employees, tenants and customers work in a safe and comfortable environment ”

. Mark Huot, AVP Health, Safety and Emergency Management, RIOCAN

Save money & time

Make it easy to enter incident data at the facility from a phone, tablet or computer. No more wasting time collecting data on paper or in spreadsheets that have to be re-input later. All information is stored in a single place that is securely accessible by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

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Protect your brand

Share incidents and appropriate preventative measures to ensure threats to safety are understood and properly resolved. This can include:

  1. Faulty or malfunctioning equipment
  2. Improper behaviour (sexual harassment, bullying, showing up to work under the influence of alcohol or banned substances, etc)
  3. Lack of safety equipment, training, and controls

Protect your employees, your tenants and your brand by improving safety and create a culture of continuous improvement.

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