Refined Data’s EHS Incident Reporting and Incident Management Software transforms incident into opportunity for continuous improvement of workplace health and safety.

Our comprehensive solution simplifies incident and near miss reporting, brings enterprise-grade security and workflows to investigation and root cause analysis, and mobile convenience to corrective and preventative actions.

Incident Management and Reporting Software Features

Refined Data’s incident reporting platform includes the following key benefits and features:

The Challenges of Incident Management and Reporting

Your approach to incident reporting and incident management determines which incidents are reported and which are not. If incident reporting software or management procedures are cumbersome or unwieldy, the chances are minor incidents will be ignored. Worse still, if the tools and mechanisms don’t get the information to the people who need it (e.g. claims and EHS), the system won’t get used . It’s easy to see how quickly a mindset can develop to under-report minor incidents to avoid the ‘hassle’.

Under OSHA’s injury and illness recordkeeping rule (29 CFR 1904), employers are required to establish a “reasonable” procedure for employees to report work-related injuries and illnesses promptly and accurately. A reasonable procedure is defined as one that would not deter or discourage a reasonable employee from accurately reporting a workplace injury or illness.

Even the data that is captured is often incomplete; HR adds it to their spreadsheet and track it their way; Claims do it differently, in their own spreadsheet. As each stakeholder looks after their own data-entry, reporting or analytics these spreadsheets grow and the data becomes siloed. What started as a single reported incident is now a multitude of untracked, disconnected spreadsheets in different departments.

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Is that really the best we can do?

At Refined Data we know we can do better, so we developed an EHS incident reporting and management software platform that easily and efficiently captures incidents and disseminates that information to all interested parties. One data source, everyone informed.  Now the incident can be tracked – from inception to completion. You can also use those reports to plan for the long-term, to help in training, to review incident frequency and suggest proactive measures. Keep the data together and you are learning and adapting to incidents and not just responding to them.

Data Privacy

When you centralize data it’s critical you secure it, particularly when it contains personal information. It’s one reason data management systems are viewed with suspicion over localized but siloed solutions like Excel. 

However local data does not mean secure data, particularly if that data is saved in different places, has limited security and you can’t audit audit who has accessed that data. Questions come up like: how many spreadsheets do you use? Who has access to them? Is it backed up? How secure is the PC?

Refined Data’s incident reporting software platform places security and privacy at the heart of your operation. It restricts sensitive and personally identifiable data access to only the people authorized to see it. The site member reporting an incident will provide victim information when capturing the incident but, once saved to the database, names and other personally identifiable data is encrypted using a secure Amazon key management service. These sensitive fields are subsequently only visible to HR, both on-screen and on our dashboards and reports.

Claims information is similarly protected and accessible to only key members of the insurance team. Refined Data has worked with our clients and our hosting partners to secure your data, within your jurisdiction, on our platform. We employ the latest technology and system security testing methodology, because not only is it vitally important, it’s a requirement.

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Incident Reporting

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We’ve made it as easy as possible for site teams to provide structured incident reports without having to rush back to the office, without having to download or access a pdf form and without having to remember sign-in credentials to a data management system. They can document the incident, take photos and get the incident on the radar of the EHS, HR and Claims teams directly from the RefinedDATA mobile app.

When you lower the ‘pain’ barrier in reporting incidents it increases the chances of incidents being reported. It may sound counter-intuitive, ‘more incidents’ can’t be good right?

Actually it’s the same number of incidents, the difference is now you’re aware of them, can act on them, can reduce your liability exposure and can plan for them. 

You can monitor their progress, alert the right teams, and fix it before it escalates. Knowing about incidents is the first step to a comprehensive incident management strategy.

Incident Workflow

Moments after an incident is reported, incident management workflows are triggered and notifications are sent to HR, Claims as well as your EHS Management team.

The HR Workflow

For the HR team, the workflow is focussed on employee injury and lost productivity. Injury details are submitted to state or provincial workers compensation boards as required.
Only the HR team is able to access sensitive personal information. Refined Data ensures that personally identifiable data is always protected and stored in encrypted format to prevent accidental disclosure. HR closes their investigation after verifying that no injury has occurred or that all injured employees are able to perform regular work duties.

Insurance Claims Workflow

The insurance team manages any liability resulting from incidents. Incident management is fully integrated with the Refined Data insurance policy and claims tracking features. Detailed claims information such as liability estimates, policy details, claims amounts etc. are tracked back to the original incident.

Health & Safety Workflow

For health and safety teams, every incident should be viewed as an opportunity to improve on hazard identification and prevention programs and to educate employees and service providers. The corrective actions your health and safety team take are part of a complete digital audit trail designed to prevent future injury or damage.

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Incident Reporting : A shift in mind and methodology

By itself, the Refined Data incident reporting and management platform provides ease-of-use, privacy, security, notifications and an audit trail of actions related to every incident. But we still rely on incidents being reported in the first place. To complete this puzzle we need to look at incident reporting as a positive. Incident reporting protects your company from far more serious issues, it reduces the potential for liability claims, it keeps site occupants, site employees and site visitors safe. Every incident reported is an opportunity to make things better for everyone.

Benefits of the System

  • Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, environmental releases, and other workplace events
  • Attach documents, photos, files, links, and other relevant information for so everyone get all the information the need at the click of a button
  • Record and report incidents anytime, anywhere using the Mobile App