EHS Incident Management

Simplify EHS incident reporting and all related activities within one easy-to-use system.

Refined Data’s EHS Incident Reporting and Management software empowers you to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage and vehicle incidents. The software is designed to keep your employees and tenants safe in all of your buildings.

Comply with regulatory requirements and international standards

Use our mobile app and enterprise solution to ensure you comply with EHS standards and regulations, including:

OHS Standards

Environmental Standards
EPA, ISO 14001, CEPA,

General Standards
Vehicle, finance, or security.

Identify root-causes and protect buildings from future issues.

Identifying the root-causes associated with incidents that happen at your properties lets you trend this data across your portfolio. Now you can implement corrective actions that make a real difference in the safety and operational performance of your facilities.

Effectively communicate the progress of each incident from start to finish

Refined Data makes the people who need to know about an incident immediately aware through an automated notification system that is based on roles. Escalating notifications ensure appropriate personnel know when tasks designed to resolve and prevent incidents become overdue.

Eliminate duplicate entry and improve efficiency

Incident data can be entered at the facilities from a phone, tablet or computer. No more collecting data on paper or in spreadsheets that have to be re-input later. All information is stored in a single place that is securely accessible by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

Incident Reporting

Effortlessly import legacy data to trend information over time

RefinedData lets you easily import legacy data so you can see and report on all the historical incident information across your portfolio. Dashboards let you benchmark your performance so you can share the efficiencies you gain using the Refined Data Incident Management Software.

Why Reporting All Incidents Matters

Your employees have a one in 3,748,067 chance of being killed by a shark, but workplace injuries happen every 7 seconds!

The top three culprits?

  1. Overexertion
  2. Injuries resulting from objects and equipment; and
  3. Slips, trips, and falls.

Giving your staff the ability to easily and effortlessly report incidents communicates how much you value their well-being and safety.

The importance of incident reporting is well documented. Still, many employees refuse to report on incidents when they happen. It’s important to understand why reporting an incident makes such a big difference in the safety, efficiency and overall well-being of your company. Three of the key factors are presented below.

Create Awareness 

Reporting incidents creates an awareness of what can go wrong so that effective corrective and preventative actions can be taken promptly. This applies to every facility in your portfolio – if you see an issue at one site, it’s important to broadcast the incident and appropriate preventative measures to everyone. Without the communication channel provided by an incident reporting system, a variety of threats to safety could go unnoticed and unresolved. This can include:

  1. Faulty or malfunctioning equipment
  2. Improper behaviour (sexual harassment, bullying, showing up to work under the influence of alcohol or banned substances, etc)
  3. Lack of safety equipment, training, and controls

Build a Culture of Safety

Incident reports expose where there are systemic breakdowns in workplace safety. Often, minor incidents are a precursor to bigger issues. Incident reports provide invaluable insight to assess whether additional training, better equipment, and/or new strategies are needed for your organization to level up.

Reinforce Commitment

An incident report is a legal document that will prompt you to take immediate procedural action for resolution. Simply mentioning something unusual that happened at work doesn’t provide an appropriate level of seriousness. When writing incident reports, be as precise as possible to support its legitimacy and ensure that something is done to prevent future recurrence.

It is crucial that incidents are reported immediately or at least within the day of its occurrence, regardless of the severity. An incident report form provides a systematic way to gather the details of an incident for formal documentation and investigation. Incident reporting doesn’t only benefit you by improving safety. It’s a vehicle for continuous improvement.

Why Use Refined Data’s Platform


  • Compliance Surveys and Checklists

  • Corrective Action Management

  • Document and Report Management

  • Municipal Order Compliance

  • Comply with Lender and Insurer Requirements

  • Integrated Change Management


  • Scalable, Sustainable Portfolio Management

  • Mobile App for Site Team Engagement

  • Browser Application for EHS Managers

  • Multi-Lingual User Interface

  • Measure portfolio compliance using our library of mobile surveys, checklists, audits and assessments

  • Automatic corrective action tasks in response to site survey responses

  • Survey analytics identify opportunities for compliance training, safety or procedure updates

  • Provide mobile checklists to keep maintenance teams safe and compliant as they complete tasks

  • A paperless, responsive, data-driven approach to compliance management from the boiler room to the boardroom… without the spreadsheets

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