Integrated Document Management

A fully centralized document management system you can integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

Quickly assemble documents for your lenders and underwriters

Store any document you need from reports to photographs, warranties to appraisals. Documents uploaded from the sites are instantly available and can be stored in Refined Data or your corporate SharePoint system.

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Make Insurance Renewal a Snap

See any site that is missing vital assessment reports in real-time using the document management dashboard. Pull together all the reports your insurer needs for renewals in hours rather than months.

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Manage Risks Effectively

  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date library of risk and operations documents associated with each site
  • Track and view all related tasks, documents and photographs for each piece of equipment, including procedure documents and procedure status
  • Refer to legal requirements associated with any activity via the compliance database

Give everyone secure mobile access to a single, secure repository. Risk management reports are catalogued and available through any web browser or mobile device, and are easily packaged and shared with investors, insurers, lenders and other stakeholders.

Save Money

Ensure your equipment warranties are organized and easy to find. Quickly identify major equipment that is approaching the end of coverage and requires inspection.

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