From inspection to deficiency to corrective action. The mobile collaboration platform for operations, maintenance and contractors.

The Refined Data Corrective Actions solution is designed to simplify the assignment, tracking, follow-up and completion of corrective actions to ensure compliance and promote accountability. The Mobile App helps field staff quickly and efficiently manage and complete corrective actions that need to be undertaken at a site. 

Office staff are able to track corrective actions at each property across the portfolio and identify sites where special measures may be required. Core capabilities of the solution include:

  • Assign corrective and preventive tasks
  • Track task status through to completion
  • Issue notifications that are escalated based on defined rules
  • Provide a single platform to keep everyone informed

Overview of our Corrective Action Solution

Refined Data’s Corrective Action solution provides a platform for you to manage compliance and operational risks to your business, your people and your properties. The idea is to free you up to spend more time focusing on your business objectives by automating the tracking, monitoring and reporting of Corrective Actions.

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Benefits of the System

  • A centralized system to manage all corrective actions

  • Escalating email notifications for overdue corrective actions

  • Dashboards that show overdue or pending corrective actions for each site

  • Prioritize corrective action tasks at the corporate or individual level

  • Identify who is responsible for the completion of risk management objectives

  • Ensure completion of corrective actions 

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