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Why Use Refined Data's EHS Compliance Management Software?

Refined Data’s innovative environment, health and safety information management platform keeps you in control of the boiler room to boardroom challenges of managing EHS compliance.



Compliance Surveys and Checklists

EHS Compliance inevitably involves checklists and surveys, a cornerstone of all compliance management programs.  Refined Data provides incredibly versatile mobile and browser accessible EHS compliance surveys, hazard assessments, fire safety assessments, maintenance checklists and more that can be tailored to your needs and adjust based on asset type and asset location.

Survey Types

Our software platform gives you the tools to build an unlimited number of compliance surveys, checklists or questionnaires.  Here are some examples of surveys created by our clients to monitor building/facility compliance:

Survey Features

Health and Safety Compliance Survey

Compliance Dashboards

Our EHS compliance dashboards monitor the completion of key surveys, inspections and assessments across your portfolio, maintaining focus on non-compliant areas of your portfolio.

Survey and checklist analytics dashboards take this concept one step further, identifying non-compliant responses to individual survey questions and providing insights into compliance trends across all sites and facilities.

Compliance Dashboard

Regulatory (Legislative) Compliance Management

Regulations grow at the same rate as weeds.

Norman Ralph Augustine

Regulations are the foundation of EHS compliance management programs and a key feature of regulatory compliance management software platforms.  Researching, communicating and managing regulations in multiple jurisdictions is time-consuming and, with time in short-supply, it can be a burden that falls to the bottom of the pile.

Our clients communicated this pain, and Refined Data responded by compiling a handy, searchable EHS regulation knowledge base specifically summarized and interpreted for EHS compliance managers in the real estate industry.

Every quarter, our environmental consultants meticulously review regulatory compliance requirements for all jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.  Every category of compliance is summarized to reflect policy, procedure and safety training considerations for EHS and Operations professionals.

Subscribers receive an emailed digest of regulation or legislation updates.  Job done in a fraction of the time typically required to conduct the research.  Reliable, comprehensive and repeatable accuracy from a trusted industry partner.

Regulation summaries are also linked to relevant areas of Refined Data’s EHS and Operations information management platform.  With the click of a button, employees reviewing asbestos records can brush up on the latest asbestos handling regulations applicable to their jurisdiction.  Maintenance staff completing tasks in confined spaces can similarly access the latest confined space regulations.

Refined Data’s regulatory compliance software is the perfect extension to your EHS management program.

Our regulation knowledge base includes the following EHS regulations for Canada and the United States:

Environmental Regulations

Health and Safety Regulations

Corrective Action for Non-Compliance Management

In some ways, efficiently identifying non-compliance is more important than measuring compliance. This manage-by-exception capability is an essential element of a scalable and sustainable EHS compliance management strategy.  Refined Data’s regulatory compliance management software platform supports an increasing number of managed assets without requiring a corresponding, linear increase in workload and resources

When your site teams provide non-compliant answers to survey or checklist questions, our software has the ability to generate corrective action tasks. EHS management or building operations teams manage and track the completion of these tasks using browser and mobile applications.

Corrective tasks represent an audit-ready list of action items, documenting specific issues of non-compliance and verifying that your sites (and portfolio) are always returned to a state of compliance.

Compliance survey analytics and corrective action task history additionally provide invaluable insights into where, and how often, specific categories of non-compliance occurs in your buildings.  Digital records of non-compliance are the core component of real-time, responsive, data-driven decision making.

Municipal Order Compliance

When the city issues an order to remedy site safety deficiencies, Refined Data tracks repair details, documentation, task status and approvals of completed work to ensure that you comply with the order and moreover, you’ll have a full audit trail from start to finish.

For site management teams, our mobile site management app helps track municipal order repairs along with scheduled and on-demand maintenance tasks; a single interface for managing all risk management and EHS compliance needs.

An extra benefit : Data-driven Insight and Hazard Control

For many systems, orders and compliance to those orders completes the loop. But why should it end there?  What can we learn from the data we’ve generated to plan for the future?

Understanding the nature and frequency of municipal orders across your portfolio provides valuable data-driven insights.  Each municipal order is an opportunity to improve hazard control procedures and employee training documentation.

In truth, the cycle never completes, a compliance request leads to actions, which leads to data, which leads to insights that permeate all aspects of your business.

EHS and Operations Team

Lender (Mortgage) Compliance

Lenders often specify a set of mandatory and optional repairs that are required as conditions of a mortgage agreement.  Refined Data’s EHS compliance management software captures every repair request and provides management and tracking tools to ensure that repairs are conducted within the scheduled time and are approved by the lender on completion.

For asset managers and regional managers, our mortgage repair dashboards ensure that repairs are communicated to site operations and maintenance teams and actioned at the appropriate time.

Repairs assigned to site operations and maintenance teams are completed using the RefinedDATA mobile site management app.  On completion, lenders are granted access to repair documentation, including photographs, as part of their approval process.

Meeting the requirements and conditions of financial and insurance partners may not be central to an EHS compliance program, but is an important aspect of the overall operational compliance requirements for every building or facility.