Refined Data's integrated EHS and Operations management platform is the simple antidote to Change

Change Management - chased by time

Change is constant and it arrives at your sites in many forms.  Regulation change, employee turnover, accidents, environmental change and procedural change all have the potential to introduce risk, hazards and liability to your portfolio.

So how do you deal with change?

Well, you can do it the old-fashioned way  with spreadsheets and documents, printouts and sticky-notes. 

Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Refined Data seamlessly integrates EHS and Operations management on our class-leading mobile and cloud platforms.  We’ve replaced those spreadsheets and paper checklists with real time, responsive data-driven tools designed to identify change and respond with appropriate corrective action!

How we simplify Change Management...

Let’s take a look at 3 examples of how the Refined Data platform protects your occupants, employees, service providers and assets:

1. Regulatory Changes

Our platform alerts you to any regulatory changes at the Federal, State or Provincial level that could impact your portfolio. We hold a summary of the regulations specific to real estate, and since  the system holds an inventory of your site risks (such as PCB’s asbestos etc.), we can show you where to focus your attention. No more digging through paperwork to find out what’s relevant to you – the platform takes care of that for you!

If you’re worried about the impact of regulatory changes, you can generate a quick survey on our mobile platform to collect the data youneed to assess the impact in a fraction of the usual time. 

Refined Data takes the guesswork out of staying onside with any of the regulatory changes that apply to your properties. It’s not just raw data, it’s a guided analysis to keep regulatory changes in check and under control.

Investing in EHS Compliance

2. Environmental Change and Hazard Control

It’s no secret that environmental change and more stringent environmental standards are placing increased investor and tenant focus on how you manage these issues. 

Let’s look at two scenarios. 

Scenario A is a common but (sadly) unpredictable story: responding to a site accident related to a hazard that needs to be flagged and dealt with right away. 

Scenario B is part-and-parcel of any typical portfolio management duties: day-to-day hazard control.

Refined Data mobile EHS and Operations app

Scenario A: Accidental Damage Involving Hazardous Materials

Our approach is simple and effective –

  • Identification
  • Notification
  • Correction

For example let’s look at accidental damage to insulating materials containing asbestos.

  • Your site team identifies the damage during a scheduled site deficiency inspection.They find the asbestos record on their phone and update the record with a photo showing the damage.
  • The EHS management team is instantly notified of the change by email and can see the new information right away.
  • Corrective action tasks are attached to the incident to ensure that your team tracks all the critical steps in the remediation process. You are left with a full digital audit of every action taken to manage and mitigate the risk.

We’ve closed the circle. What started as a potentially serious issue has been quickly addressed. You knew what was happening at every step and the situation is now resolved. The Refined Data platform provided the means to track this issue from start to finish.

Scenario B: Hazard Control

Here’s a simple example of how Hazard Assessments are conducted:

  • The site manager’s phone app says that the monthly hazard assessment is due.
  • The site manager starts the task and opens the Hazard Assessment Checklist.
  • They walk the building, snap a photograph and add a note of any hazard they see.
  • Back in their office, they review the list of identified hazards with the Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • The team creates tasks to correct issues and then tracks the tasks to completion.
  • Refined Data generates a report of the hazards and corrective actions and adds it to the document repository for each site.
  • The portfolio management team has real-time access to all assessment activity can identify those sites where corrective actions or tasks are overdue.

3. Portfolio Changes

Changes in your portfolio resulting from selling and purchasing properties are central to property management. Refined Data notifies you when new properties are purchased, so you can add them to your workflow. Let’s see how Refined Data’s platform makes this task as simple as possible.

  • Refined Data identifies the new property in Yardi, SAP, JDE, or MRI and automatically notifies your team of the acquisition.
  • Your EHS team assigns the standard set of inspections and tasks to the new site team and provides training on policies and procedures.
  • The site team downloads the Refined Data mobile Site Management app and gets to work managing change, risk and compliance in accordance with your EHS management program. 
Building Portfolio

It’s streamlined and simple. Changes in your portfolio made easy. It’s audited and compliant and it removes the tedium associated with on-boarding a site.

Notification of Change

Refined Data’s platform also supports configurable email notifications when important change events are detected.

Benefits of the system

  • Seamless Integration between EHS and Operations teams.
  • Secure, enterprise grade Cloud and Mobile platforms
  • Data-Driven decisions, not guesswork.
  • Real-time notification of spills and accidents
  • Configurable notification of key change events
  • Automatic corrective action tasks from compliance surveys
  • Regulation changes, summarized for real estate professionals and delivered to your inbox

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