EHS Compliance Management Software that works for you.

Refined Data’s innovative environment, health and safety information management platform keeps you in control of the boiler room to boardroom challenges of managing EHS compliance.

Compliance Surveys and Checklists

EHS Compliance inevitably involves checklists and surveys, a cornerstone of all compliance management programs. Refined Data provides incredibly versatile mobile and browser accessible EHS compliance surveys, hazard assessments, fire safety assessments, maintenance checklists and more that can be tailored to your needs and adjust based on asset type and asset location.

Our software platform gives you the tools to build an unlimited number of compliance surveys, checklists or questionnaires such as

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Fire Safety Compliance

  • Hazard Inspections


  • Automatic Corrective or Preventative Tasks for Non-Compliant Responses

  • Identify Non-Compliant Responses

  • Mobile and Browser Support

Compliance Dashboards

Our EHS compliance dashboards monitor the completion of key surveys, inspections and assessments across your portfolio, maintaining focus on non-compliant areas of your portfolio.

Survey and checklist analytics dashboards take this concept one step further, identifying non-compliant responses to individual survey questions and providing insights into compliance trends across all sites and facilities.

Why Use Refined Data’s Platform


  • Compliance Surveys and Checklists

  • Corrective Action Management

  • Document and Report Management

  • Municipal Order Compliance

  • Comply with Lender and Insurer Requirements

  • Integrated Change Management


  • Scalable, Sustainable Portfolio Management

  • Mobile App for Site Team Engagement

  • Browser Application for EHS Managers

  • Multi-Lingual User Interface

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We Can Help

We’d be happy to discuss your EHS requirements and demonstrate the Refined Data Platform.

“The software is comprehensive, easy to use and has the flexibility to grow with our needs over the coming years. Refined Data has delivered excellent and personalized customer service, support and training to the many users in RioCan’s Operations, Asset Management, Insurance and Executive Teams”

Mark Huot

National Director, Health and Safety


Founder and CEO, Refined Data

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