California State University’s Success with Industry-Leading Learning Solution


  • The university sought a cost effective, environmentally conscious way to conduct its business
  • Growing budget concerns in California
  • Increased emphasis on eco-friendly activities


  • Implemented Adobe Connect LINK
  • Added Refined Data Applications — Talking Stick, Hands Up and Footprints
  • Focused on financial and environmental responsible practices


  • Improved interactions and engagement with employees
  • Improved collaboration with partners across California State
  • Reduced costs
  • Significantly reduced environmental impact


With 23 campuses statewide, more than 400,000 students, and 44,000 faculty and staff, the California State University system is among the largest, most diverse, and affordable university systems in the country.

It’s also among the most innovative and forward-thinking, as the university puts cutting-edge technologies to good use to support the needs of university staff and hundreds of thousands of students.

And while much of the university’s focus is rightly directed at improving in-class instruction and academic rigor, a substantial amount of that work goes on out of sight of the student body.
The California State University Chancellor’s Office is responsible for facilitating training, meetings, and professional development events for human resources staff, campus employee trade union members, and construction management professionals across all its campuses.

Amid growing budget concerns in California and the ever-increasing emphasis on eco-friendly activities, the university needed a cost effective, environmentally conscious way to conduct its business.

“We adopted Adobe Connect LINK and applications from Refined Data Solutions to conduct our business in a financially and environmentally responsible manner,” says Jennifer Wicks, the Executive Producer for the Central Station U Studio at CSU’s Chancellor’s Office. “Using an industry-leading webinar solution helps us improve interactions and engagement with employees and partners across the state while cutting costs and minimizing our environmental impact.”

They leveraged Refined Data’s suite of Talking Stick, Hands Up and Footprints applications into their existing Adobe Connect LINK deployment.