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Engage More - Do More

Active Engagement = Active Brains

Active Brains = Better Results

Add fun, familiarity and interactivity to your Virtual Classroom delivery with these emoji-like icons. Ask Questions and promote participation from your audience.

Clearer, Better, Cheaper - More Flexible Conferencing

Conferencing should not be an obstacle to a great experience in Adobe Connect.

Built and developed specifically for Adobe Connect, rPhone, is the only one of its kind. It rich feature set will enhance the experience for participants and instructors, all while lowering costs for your organization.

Virtual Classroom – Raising The Ceiling Of Virtual Learning

A suite of pods built to enhance Adobe Connect and deliver a better than in class experience.

Vantage Point is designed to specifically enhance the capabilities of Adobe Connect, giving instructors, participants and producers an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom Experience.

True HD Video

Your participants expect an HD experience, just like on YouTube... Instead you give them SD like its 1999.

Talking Stick enhances Adobe Connect’s native video capabilities delivering a vivid video further engaging participants. We all agree that vision is the dominant sense, why not take full advantage in Full HD.

Social & Corporate Responsibility Made Easy

Put some teeth in your Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, save the planet, save money, and increase performance!

Calculate the carbon, cost, and distance savings for your hosts and your meeting attendees. Quickly build a business case for virtual classroom delivery.

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