It is always interesting to observe people as they process and comment on the latest innovation, change, proposal or challenge.

Do they tell a story of the thing that they do and how that activity will become incrementally better, or worse? This is mission-focused thinking. This is how the things we already do become better, faster, cleaner, or more predictable over time.

Alternatively, do they tell a story of transformation, of connection, of purpose, of the opportunity to change habits and beliefs and to produce better outcomes at scale? This is the domain of the visionary thinker. This is where paradigm shifts occur.

There is value in both styles of thinking. If we are all dreamy visionaries, the world as we know it stalls. If we never challenge the status quo, then true innovation suffers. A healthy balance and intersection is ideal.

It is not mission or vision, it is mission and vision.

Do they complement each other or do you find it challenging to balance the practicalities of the here-and-now with the leap-of-faith that is sometimes required to glimpse at a new reality.

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