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Month: October 2018

Data Intelligence for the Real Estate Sector: Freeing humans from the equation

The hype around data intelligence is huge. If you listen to the experts it will: Allow you to see the future from patterns of data from the past Create breakthroughs in business productivity by exposing hidden opportunities Allow machine learning to take over from human thinking to make better decisions In the real estate sector, we deal with massive amounts of data. Buildings are complex entities that spew forth literally millions of data points, from… [ read full ]

Let the money do the talking for you

Nothing gets approved in the enterprise world unless there’s a solid business case attached to it and it’s no different when it comes to evangelizing Interactive Learning programs. It’s not like the business cases don’t exist. According to Forbes.com, some 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use eLearning for professional development and more than 72 percent of U.S. companies think online learning gives them a competitive advantage. Businesswire reports that the eLearning market space will… [ read full ]