I was recently invited to present our vision, views, and initiatives around a subject with which the media and markets are currently infatuated—the potential of blockchain technology. I was a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference in Toronto where I discussed “100 Billion Reasons Not to Bet on the Blockchain”.

Refined Data is developing significant expertise and thought leadership in the Distributed Ledger Technology space, but I’m convinced that the current blockchain-based technologies will not be the long-term winners in the evolution of the coming Internet of Things.

The message I delivered about IOTA, the 9th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than US$5 billion and rising, seemed to resonate with the hundreds of people in the audience who were drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Property Management, Real Estate, Education, Government, Banking, eHealth, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, FinTech, Smart Cities, Software and many more.

Wealth Professional Magazine felt the presentation merited further exploration, and you can read their full analysis here.

Refined Data is committed to identifying real world applications to leverage distributed ledger technology—and specifically IOTA—to solve foreseeable data management challenges, identify opportunities, and ultimately make the world a better place. Toward this end, we’re launching the bIOTAsphere, a not-for-profit IOTA Commercialization Lab facility, in Toronto, Canada this May, to encourage solutioning and ideation in this space.

For more information, contact us. Or visit www.biotasphere.com to learn more about the vision and goals of this exciting initiative.

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