Risk Management

Platform for Real Estate

Manage risk with confidence and clarity

Risk for Capital Companies
Risk for REITs, Operators & Fee Managers

Risk Management

Platform for Real Estate

Manage risk with confidence and clarity

Risk for Capital Companies
Risk for REITs, Operators & Fee Managers

Your Birds-Eye-View of Operational Risk

Refined Data connects inspections, incidents, risk and compliance, to provide a unique window on your business. With everyone housed on a single platform, your organization is ideally positioned to respond to risk and capitalize on opportunity.




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A Platform Built in Partnership

Refined Data was built in partnership with some of the industry’s leading brands.

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Created for the Next Generation of Builders, Owners & Managers

As the complexity and interdependence of real estate operations have grown, isolated spreadsheets, fragmented data, and patchwork applications provide an incomplete picture of how your operations are performing and where the risks are.

Refined Data provides a 360-degree view of key governance, risk and compliance information within your company, so you can reliably achieve objectives, manage uncertainty and guard the integrity of your business.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

Refined Data transforms data into actionable insights at each level of the organization.

Operations Risk for Capital Companies
Operations Risk for REITs & Fee Managers

Asset life cycle risk.

ACQUISITION: Refined Data has a library of templates you can use to build a comprehensive and reliable due diligence process. Include expertise from every corner of your company to ensure you purchase sites or portfolios with confidence and clarity.

OPERATION: Refined Data is simply the best solution for managing operational risk for the life of your portfolio.

DISPOSITION: When it comes time to sell, Refined Data provides secure access to purchasers to review the documents you choose. Alternatively, you can package and export site documents to a thumb drive for physical delivery at the click of a button.

Connect, Strengthen, Perform.

Build resiliency in your organization. Reduce the cost of managing your operations, create efficiencies, save time, and prevent errors with a unified platform.

PROTECT: Refined Data is the one App that every person in your company will use: from the CEO to the Site Manager. Being agile, connected and responsive is the best protection to the complex and interdependent risks you face.

DETECT: Senior management gets a birds-eye view into what’s happening in real-time at each site and across the portfolio.  Refined Data gives site teams the productivity tools they need to get the job done.

CORRECT: When the unexpected occurs, the right information gets routed to the right team members so the issue or risk gets mitigated quickly and appropriately.

Discover the enterprise risk platform

Benefit from the Refined Data advantage


Make the best decisions and take calculated risks knowing where the risks lie.


Strengthen your company by bringing together executives, domain experts, regional managers, site staff and vendors on a single platform.


Accelerate productivity by instantly connecting your team and insurance providers to mission-critical documents from anywhere.


Enterprise-grade security that integrates with your existing platforms and corporate security policies.


Built for anyone in your company to use, no matter how comfortable they are with technology.


We have you up and running in days not months and connect with Yardi, JDE, MRI, SAP and other common platforms.

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