Vantage Point
Interact with your students online, just like in a real classroom.

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Track Attendance
Set a timer or manually challenge attendees to see if you have everyone's attention.
Attendee Information
View system, network, attendance and device information about each of your attendees.
Monitor Engagement
Create questions to ask your attendees while you present, to get an overall temperature of your classroom.

See every student all the time
Monitor non verbal cues from your audience and reproduce the in classroom experience.
You're in Control
Remotely activate any student camera, microphone or telephone with a single click.
Intuitive Interface
Minimal training required. Gets you up to speed in your first session.

Zero Footprint
Vantage Point requires no real estate in Adobe Connect. Use the entire virtual classroom for your content.
See and Control Users' System Information
Solve many technical issues before students even know they have a problem.
Take an Overall Temperature
Continually monitor comprehension and attentiveness. See who's "getting it" and who's confused.

Timed and Manual Challenge Questions
You can ask timed comprehension questions for continual feedback and detailed attendance tracking.
Advanced Grouping
Activate multiple cameras and microphones with a single click based on Adobe Breakout groupings or challenge responses.
Stepped Away Notifications
Receive alerts whenever learners walk away from their computer, begin multi-tasking or just minimize Connect.

Automatically Reports back to Refined Training
as a Graded LMS Activity

Perfect for tracking CPE, CME and CLE events.

When Vantage Point is used in conjunction with the Refined Training LMS, each attendee is assigned a grade based on the number of pop-up challenges they respond to during the live session. This makes it a perfect solution for CPE/CME/CLE live events where participants must confirm their active presence at regular intervals. Vantage Point exceeds the requirements of the US National Association of State Boards of Accounting (NASBA) and the State Bar Associations for tracking of professional, credit-based live content.

Those participants who meet your criteria for CPE/CLE issuance can be automatically emailed a fully personalized, secure PDF certificate by the LMS with no manual intervention as soon as your session ends.

100% Compatible with the Experience API
(TinCan API)

Vantage Point can report continuing attendance and engagement data to your own xAPI/TinCan LRS server. In addition to challenge question responses and technical support data, you get detailed attendance tracking data throughout your sessions so you can see who came late, who left early, who was multi-tasking instead of paying attention or who simply walked away from the computer. Vantage Point allows you to develop a 360 degree view of your student's participation and interaction in classes over time.

See for yourself what Vantage Point can do for your organization's online training.

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(no reservation required, just show up, telephony details are provided once you enter the room, just ensure your webcam is plugged in prior to entering the session)

We built the interface you wish Adobe included. Use it once, you'll never want to be without it.

(Vantage Point is protected under US Patent # 8,754,924 and other US and International Patents Pending)

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