Seamless Federated Single Sign On

Seamless Federated Single Sign On between your Corporate Network and your Hosted, On-Premise, or Adobe® Connect Managed Service account.

The Single Sign On solution from Refined Data has been everything we hoped for and more. It's nothing less than brilliant.
Ken D. Qualcomm

Reduce Administration
Wouldn't it be great if you never had to use your Adobe credentials again? With SSO-4-Connect your authenticated corporate users are automatically logged in to their Connect meetings, events, courses and content.
One Click Meeting Launch
One click launch of meetings, recordings and stored content from your email and calendar links. All participants are fully authenticated and never enter as Connect Guests.
Customize Login Screen
Eliminate the Adobe Connect Login screen with your own Corporately Branded Landing Page to match your website theme. Vary the look and feel of your Landing Pages on the fly.

Simplify Access
If you're a busy IT or HR Director, you're responsible for managing employee access to confidential resources. Maintaining multiple lists of employees on multiple systems is complicated and time consuming. SSO eliminates that need. As new employees are added to the company, network, they automatically gain access to Adobe Connect. As employees leave, they lose access to Adobe Connect.
Maintain Corporate Security
Despite all your instructions, users tend to use the same password for their corporate login and Adobe Connect login. That means any breach of Adobe's systems could compromise your Corporate Network . With SSO-4-Connect, your sensitive user credentials are never stored on Adobe systems. IT Management sleep better at night with this added security.
Authentication Options Flexibility
We support multiple authentication options and you can provide none, one, or more of them on a per meeting basis to make it easier for your users. Allow guests to join your meeting using their existing credentials from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other OAUTH, SAML, CAS or LDAP providers.

Control Meeting Access
Use "Refined Tags" in your Meeting or Content Description in Connect to implement business logic. Redirect latecomers to the recording of the event they missed or to an alternate URL. Inject registrant data to your CRM platform. The options are endless.