The most advanced telephony available for Adobe Connect.

Dial Out to Attendees
Configure your conference to automatically dial out to attendees before the meeting starts, or dial out to any attendee in your meeting room.
Add Private audio channels to your meetings for: Technical support, Private presenter conversations.

Supports Wideband and SIP
Dial Out to SIP Based connections such as Tandberg, Polycom or SIP-based softphones and use wideband audio for better sounding live audio and higher quality recordings.
Real-time Simultaneous Interpretation
Support attendees by providing audio in up to 6 languages in a single event.

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
Have invited guest called automatically by the system or dial out to phones anywhere in the world.
Start a Call with One Click
Start an audio conference with a single click.

The little button that could.

The rPhone is a one time installation extension that is simple to install and maintenance free. It significantly enhances the standard Adobe Connect user interface and allows you greater control and flexibility of all your audio options.

Our flat rates worldwide pricing, means you pay the same price for attendees in New York or New Delhi, London, Canada or London,England. As a host, you'll see each caller on your teleconference and you'll be able to make them or everyone raise or lower their volumes. Each meeting room attendee will have the option of having the meeting room call out to them directly any where in the world** or dial into a local access number.

* enhance the rPhone with other great Pods from Refined Data. It Integrates well with Hands Up and Vantage Point.
** surcharges apply in some countries and for mobile providers outside of North America.

For Adobe Connect
Runs as a simple add-in pod in any Adobe Connect meeting (hosted or licensed). Self updates for a maintenance free installation.
Over 25 Countries
Toll-Free Dial In for North America and local dial in numbers in over 25 Countries worldwide.
User Can Dial Out
Users and Hosts can dial-out to any phone in any country.
Dial Extensions
Dial strings can include extensions, pauses & special characters to navigate IVR systems.
Low, Flat Rates
No hidden fees! One low, flat, all-in (taxes included) rate for most land lines worldwide*.
No Commitment
No monthly minimum or annual commitment required.
Cap Surcharges
Cap surcharges on outbound calls to cell phones & countries not included in the flat rate.
Recordings Instantly Available
Instantaneous availability for Adobe Connect recordings - no need to wait hours anymore!
Auto-Merge Callers
Auto-merging of web and audio connections - see who's speaking in the meeting room.
Volume Control
Hosts can control the phone volume of any user inside of Adobe Connect.
Caller Management
Support for Soft Mute, Hard Mute and Call On features.
Hand Raise and Voting
Support for Hand Raising in the meeting room or via the users keypad.
VOIP Support
Rebroadcast conference audio over user's computer speakers at no cost.
Auto Start Conference
Configure your conference to automatically dial out to attendees before the meeting starts.
Add Callers Easily
Hosts can dial out to any number worldwide - all users have to do is answer the phone!
Transcriptions and Interpretations
Includes support for on-demand transcription and simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages.
Helpful Resources

Create Your ZipDX Telephony Account

Follow the registration link from your rPhone pod the first time you upload it into any of your meeting rooms to create your ZipDX profile. Use this utility if you need to create another ZipDX profile.

Click Here

Set Up Your Adobe Connect Audio Provider

Use this one-time setup utility to create an audio provider on your Adobe Connect account so that your rPhone can automatically authenticate with your teleconference in any of your meeting rooms.

Click Here

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