Adobe Connect Integration

Refined Training combines the power of Adobe Connect web conferencing technology with an industry leading Learning Management platform providing blended learning at it’s best!

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Create webinars, events, meetings and course content from Adobe Connect as standard course components which can be reported on, used as prerequisites and as the basis for course completion and certificates.

Meeting Activity
Connect Meeting activity for Adobe Connect webinars, meetings and events.

Recording Activity
Connect Recording activity for previously recorded Adobe Connect recordings.
Connect Quiz & Slideshow
Connect Quiz and Slideshow for Power Point, Presenter and Captivate files.
  • Mouse Over menu provides access to meeting attendance reports, Vantage Point session reports and direct link to meeting details in Adobe Connect.
  • Automatically assign specific roles to Connect host and presenter status in meetings created from the LMS. Re-use existing Adobe Connect meeting rooms or schedule recurring meetings with automated updates.
  • Add meetings to the Event Calendar.
  • Provide direct access to meeting rooms or content in Adobe Connect from Refined Reminders or LMS course pages.
  • Detailed grading based on total minutes spent in a meeting, Presenter/Captivate quiz results, Presenter slides viewed, Vantage Point interaction, duration or position of Connect recording viewed or activity launch.  All grades become part of the Refined Training Platform learner grade book.
  • Set automated Refined Reminders to email participants before a scheduled meeting, webinar or event or after based on attendance (show/no show).
  • Full personalized certificates can be issued automatically to participants upon meeting completion.

Customizable Display on course pages allows the use of custom icons, activity details and the ability to display a personalized list of upcoming meetings to your learners.

Connect Meeting Icon

The Refined Training platform is used as the master for account creation, updates, Single Sign On and user authentication.

Refined Services
Refined Services is an integrated security feature to manage the connection between the LMS platform and Adobe Connect securely, while keeping all data centralized.

Refined Tags
Use Connect Tags in Refined Email notifications for auto-login access to Adobe Connect meetings and recordings.
Single Sign-On
Send SSO Adobe Connect meeting room links to learners from the LMS for direct access.
  • Automatically updates Adobe Connect meeting information and details from the LMS.
  • Issue certificates to learners based on Adobe Connect attendance and various completion criteria for Connect Activities.

Personalization & Visual Appearence

An extensive list of configuration options and tags to personalize your learners experience and keep your branding consistent throughout.

Learn more about personalization and visual appeareance.

Create a personal learner experience from login to certificate display.

  • Use Refined Tags to personalize text and greetings for learners when accessing the LMS, course pages or Refined Reminders.
  • Ability to pull course meta data and use it as a dynamic variable within course pages or in customized event reminders sent to users enrolled in the course.
  • Dynamically display content, course categories and blocks depending on the user’s role in the LMS.
  • Display personalized lists of upcoming meetings, events or available recordings to learners.
  • Control content, information and messages displayed to end-users and provide intuitive navigation.
  • Build custom reports and filters based on a specific data source.
  • Personalized and branded certificates with flexible options and enhancements.

Create a dynamic and responsive site design that matches your company branding.

  • The Element theme by Refined Training offers the ability to brand your site, customize the navigation and tailor the overall look and feel for your learners.
  • Incorporate custom graphics and marketing elements to promote your company.
  • Dynamically alter forms to display custom fields.
  • Option to use multiple sub domains and create a unique experience for learners for each sub domain. Sub domains can control the theme, branding elements, blocks and content that a learner sees based on the sub domain they access the site from while maintaining a single instance of the RT platform.

Create Learning Pathways & Hierarchies for Engaging Experiences

Design custom learning plans and empower your managers with a hierarchy structure that matches your organization.

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Create specific learning plans for learners based on their position in the organization or designated career path.

  • Create specific learning plans for learners based on their position in the organization or designated career path.
  • Learners and managers can monitor progress, track completion status and manage competency levels.
  • Option to allow learners to create their own learning plans and request manager approval.
  • Recommend or require specific courses to be completed based on any value in a learner’s profile such as their department, title, location, language and role in the system. Display these courses dynamically to learners upon login with access to a dashboard for monitoring progress.
  • Build linear learning and control content progression by enforcing course and activity pre-requisites. Completion of a course section or course itself can initiate access to the next set of material or course enrollment.
  • Completion tracking allows you to establish the conditions that need to be met for courses, learning plans and competencies to be considered complete.
  • Allow learners to easily re-certify in courses based on compliance requirements and maintain a training record in the system. Learners can also manage this with reminder notifications and options to retake courses on request.
  • Generate and edit reports on learners course completion status as a site administrator or as a manager reporting specifically on their team.

Have your LMS reflect your company’s organization chart complete with specific roles, titles positions and reporting structure.

  • Create custom learning plans based on a learner’s position, or desired position, within your organization.
  • Ensure the completion of compliance training, employee onboarding or department-specific training based on specific positions, groups or values in their profile.
  • Managers can view their team’s training records, set individual competencies, goals, objectives and requirements while keeping track of progress and completion data.

Email Templates & Notification System

Powerful and versatile HTML email notification system providing seamless communication between learners, the LMS and Adobe Connect.

Learn More About Refined Reminders

  • Create unlimited professional email notifications using personalized and dynamically populated content.
  • Reminders can be used to welcome learners upon course enrollment, remind them of upcoming meetings, webinars or events with direct access and instructions as well provide follow up communications after an event based on attendance.
  • Send bulk email communications to a specified group of learners to promote event registration, request completion of training requirements or for news and information.
  • Refined tags allow email content to be dynamically populated for a personal message to the recipient, auto-login to the LMS, direct access to Adobe Connect meeting rooms and to add an iCal / Outlook calendar event.
  • Option to set reminders to be sent to specified recipients when new users are created or given specific roles and/or permissions on the LMS.

Course Design & Workflow

Create dynamic, interactive and engaging course whether self-paced, live training, events, compliance courses or a combination.

Learn More About Desinging Courses In Refined Training

Choose from a wide variety of course activities and resources to deliver all types of courses including self-paced/on-demand, live training, scheduled events, compliance courses or a combination.

  • Choose from a wide variety of course activities and resources to deliver all types of courses including self-paced/on-demand, live training, scheduled events, compliance courses or a combination.
  • Use Connect activities to create webinars, events, meetings and course content from Adobe Connect as standard course components which can be reported on, used as prerequisites and as the basis for course completion and certificates.
  • The Refined Video activity integrates with the JW Player allowing videos to play directly on a course page in the LMS and tracks if your users have watched the entire video or just a portion of the content. Also supports closed captioning and multi-lingual files so learners can watch the video with captions in their preferred language.
  • Upload any SCORM 1.2 or AICC package to include in your course. 
  • Build questionnaires and quizzes to test a learner’s knowledge and collect feedback.
  • The assignment activity allows learners to submit work for instructors to grade and give feedback on.
  • The Certificate activity offers many options and enhancements for issuance on course completion, Adobe Connect meeting attendance, in-person training, course re-certification and as a trigger for enrollment into sequential courses.
  • The Sign-in Reconciliation activity allows organizations offering live, in person training to manage and report on participation of the live event, issue certificates, CEU credits and maintain a learners training records.
  • Incorporate forums and news feeds to stay engaged with learners.
  • Upload files, links, custom labels, books and content packages to support learning.

The RT Platform offers several enrollment methods to determine the ways in which learners can participate in courses.

  • Open enrollment to learners based on a specific value, or values, in their profile such as language, department, title, location as well as system role.
  • Self Auto enrollment allows the learner to enroll themselves in the course by simply accessing the course or enrollment page.
  • Token enrollment requires the learner to provide a specific code / token to enroll in the course.
  • Enrollment available using API calls with 3rd party integrations.

Easily establish a learning pathway for the delivery of your course elements for effective learning and to meet compliance requirements.

  • Select from a variety of course formats that match your desired course layout and workflow including topic-based, weekly format, SCORM based or have your learners navigate through each activity on a separate pages.
  • Customize restrict access settings to establish the flow of your course activities. Enable access to activities based on the completion of certain criteria such as grade achieved, activity completion, date range, enrollment duration or a set of restrictions.
  • Select from a variety of course blocks to display useful tools, relevant course details and personalized information to your learners from within a course.
  • Establish activity and course completion criteria for progress reports, tracking and to work with learning plans.

Webinar & Form Registration

The Refined Training platform offers event-driven business the ability to collect registrations / enrollments for live meetings, seminars and other events both online and offline.

Learn More About Webinar & Form Registration

  • Build a customizable registration form for your event allowing new and existing learners access or enrollment.
  • Registration form can be setup to allow simplified login to the event and LMS, where only an email address CuCs required or with a password requirement.
  • Set a maximum number of allowable registrations, enrollment start and end date or expiry with custom notification messages.
  • Learners can have the option to select a specific group or event date when completing their registration.
  • Send personalized and professional email reminders leading up to and after the event.
  • Events are setup as LMS courses so you can take advantage of all available activities and resources.
  • Display all events on the LMS front page or event calendar to logged in or non-logged in learners with direct access to the chosen registration form.
  • Use unique URL’s to promote your event and capture / track the marketing source where your registration came from.
  • Graphical dashboard detailing pre-event registration, marketing source codes, time-zones and other information tracking.
  • Workbook downloads as an Excel spreadsheet providing learner details, attendance, poll responses from Adobe Connect meetings and marketing source.
  • Setup events within specific sub domains for distinct branding and system role assignment which can be managed from a single instance of the RT platform.

Big Data & Reporting

Choose from a selection of flexible reporting and dashboard options.

Learn More About Big Data & Reporting

  • Refined Training Report Builder engine provides the ability to create and edit custom reports based on a specified data source in the LMS. The data source is the type or types of data the system uses to build a report. The RT platform comes with a standard set of data sources with the option to request the creation of custom data sources based on specific needs.
  • Setup the formatting, exporting, date settings, and caching options to fit your company’s needs.
  • Reports can be made available for managers to report on their team, learners can access reports on their training progress and administrators or other system users based on their role and permissions.
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Compliance & Certificates

Flexible options for issuing certificates, managing certifications, ensuring compliance requirements are met and tracking continuing education credits.

Learn More About Compliance & Certificates

  • Certificates can be issued based on a variety of criteria including grades, activity completion and attendance and overall participation in live training sessions, both online and offline.
  • Configure custom certificates by uploading custom backgrounds, signatures, logo’s and custom text.
  • Extensive recertification options for when learners are required to required to retake a course after a period of time to maintain certification or compliance.
  • Managers, administrators and instructors can report on issued and expired certificates for a specific course, date range or selection of learners.
  • Continuing Education Credits can be issued with certificates and tracked for learners.

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Platform Integration & Developer Interfaces

Extend Refined Training's functionality across your enterprise. Learn about the robust REST API, SAML authentication and more.

Learn More About Developer Functionality

  • The RT Web Service API enables programmatic interaction with the RT infrastructure. Using the API, you can manage data on behalf of your organization and users using standard, web-based protocols.
  • Local Single Sign On (SSO) feature enables users to access the Refined Training platform (LMS) from their company’s secure server, or a front end management system with one single sign on (log in) access. One or more web sites in an organization’s online infrastructure can be linked directly to the company’s training site.