Refined Training
Refined Training combines the power of Adobe Connect web conferencing technology with an industry leading learning management platform.

Train Live or On-Demand
Using our seamless Adobe Connect integration, you can train anyone, anywhere, in live-online classrooms or record your sessions for on-demand playback.

Experts agree that the best learning platforms should offer blended courses that combine live, instructor-led sessions with self-paced content and Refined Training gives you the flexibility to deliver the perfect combination to meet the needs of any program.
Fully Brandable
Change the look and feel of your LMS to match your website or corporate branding. Add or delete features to meet your specific needs. Every aspect of the system is fully customizable, so your learning management system looks exactly the way you want, giving your learners the assurance they are in the right place. You can even have the system change its appearance for different audiences.
Works on All Platforms
All major desktop and mobile platforms are supported, so you can focus on creating and delivering your learning material and let Refined Training focus on delivering it to your learners.

Our responsive designs can automatically detect the device and screen size being used by each user and optimize the display accordingly.

Multi-Language Support
Plug-in language packs allow full localization to any language. These can be edited using a built-in web-based editor. Currently there are language packs for over 70 languages.
Lots of Plug-Ins
Themes, activities, reporting modules, and many more plug-ins are available to be used with Refined Training, giving you the freedom to make your learning management system do anything you want without requiring your IT department to get involved.
Easy Start Up
Your LMS should adapt to your business not the other way around. We'll have you set up in days with a system that's tailor-made to meet your needs.

Simple, Elegant and Intuitive!

One Integrated Platform
Manage ALL your Adobe Connect Classrooms / Meetings / Seminar Rooms from within Refined Training.

Enhance your Adobe Connect sessions with custom extensions from Refined Data.
Make Virtual Training Real
Make it real and reproduce in-person, in-classroom experience online in a way you've never seen before* with patented tools like Vantage Point.
Manage Events
Use Refined Training as a full blown, online event registration and management system for no additional cost.

eCommerce Support
Don't just offer courses ... sell them!

Create a catalog of your eLearning offerings and sell individual course, bundles, or access coupons. Sell to individual buyers or sell bulk access to your clients so they can provide access to their users. We support discount coupons, volume discounts based on dollar value or units purchased.
iMIS Integration
Add an integrated LMS to your iMIS deployment with Refined Training.

Associations, Fundraisers, Regulatory Bodies and other organizations who want to add an Enterprise LMS for training or CPECredit Courses will love the deep integration we've built between the two platforms. SSO, eCommerce, Certification, it's all here.
Enterprise Reporting
Unlock the hidden value in your Learning Database with our enterprise-grade reporting tools powered by our reporting module.

Report on any aspect of your LMS from anywhere. Build custom report views with sophisticated filters and output the results in multiple formats.


More Effective Training. Higher Impact. Lower Cost.

Refined Training gives you everything you need to rapidly create, manage, deploy, and track highly engaging online training everyone can access instantly. Our platform is so much more than just an LMS; it's a complete system for delivering blended eLearning. From self-paced courses to compelling, live, instructor-led classrooms that are as close to in-person teaching as you've ever seen, this solution lets you do it all.

We've combined the best technology available to create a unique environment you can't find anywhere else and then because each client is unique, we tailor the solution to fit your needs. Custom branding of the interface for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Integration with your back-end and legacy systems and more. Then we top it all off with world class hosting and customer support that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

We're with you, every step of the way.

Social Learning
Create a social learning environment with optional forums, wikis and blogs.
Online / Offline
Suitable for 100% online curricula or to supplement face to face learning.

Track who's watching videos of recordings of missed classes and grade accordingly.
Robust Administration
Complete access to all of your site's administration tools, available 24/7.

User Authentication
Supports a range of SSO authentication mechanisms (LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, Shiboleth etc.) through plug-in authentication modules, allowing easy integration with your existing systems.
Global Workforce Support
Full support for international time zones and multiple language interfaces.
Customization Options
Personalize the look and feel of Refined Training based on learner roles, employers and sponsors.

Sell Your Courses
Offer your learning materials and courses for sale. Create, manage and sell everything.
Content Creation
One of the best features of using Refined Training for content creators is actually creating learning material.
Professional Development
Deploy Professional Compliance Portals with live events that issue CPD credits and certificates.

We also provide professional services to support the customization of our products as well as enhancing or adding new functionality. We've got the most expereinced team you find.

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In delivering a complete end to end solution, Refined Data is able to provide organizations with a flexible, high value solution that combines the cutting edge presentation capabilities of Adobe Connect with one of the world's most widely adopted and proven learning management platforms.

Cloud Based LMS

Refined Training gives you everything you need to rapidly create, manage, deploy, and track highly engaging online training everyone can access instantly.

It Has Everything

Refined Training is a rich web communication system that lets you reach your audience anytime with engaging multimedia content.

Join the 100's of customers worldwide who have improved their eLearning capability with unique software solutions from Refined Data.

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* Requires Vantage Point Pod