Link your Learning Systems!

The world's most flexible, live virtual classroom solution (Adobe® Connect™) meets the world's most popular LMS (Moodle®) in a seamless integration from Refined Data Solutions!

Users can enter Adobe Connect Meetings, Launch Presenter and Captivate presentations and watch Event Recordings with a single click from inside of Moodle!

Connect-to-Moodle provides a Single Sign On (SSO) environment in which information passes effortlessly in both directions between the two platforms so users cannot tell where Moodle ends and Adobe Connect begins.


Connect-to-Moodle Resources

Here are some resources that will help in learning more about Connect-to-Moodle.

Download the Connect-to-Moodle Brochure


Features Include:

  • Easy Installation – Connect-to-Moodle is installed as a series of simple drop-in modules, blocks and activities.
  • Connect Authentication Module - current Connect users can log in to Moodle using their existing credentials and a matching Moodle record will be auto-created. Optional features allow assigning Moodle Administrative status to users with Connect Administrative rights. Full synchronization of Moodle and Connect databases.
  • Connect Filter - add direct one-click links to any piece of Adobe content from within Moodle - support for meetings, recordings, Presenter/Captivate content, miscellaneous etc. Links can be displayed in a variety of formats with mouse over effects providing direct editing in Adobe (requires Teacher or Admin rights), auto redirection to recordings after the meeting ends, and attendance rosters. Personalize any content areas of Moodle with variable data from the user record using Refined Tags.
  • Connect–to-MyMeetings - displays all Connect meetings that a user is invited/entitled to attend based on course enrollments or explicit invitations.
  • Connect Activities - Create meetings directly from within Moodle, set grading based on meeting attendance or slide views of Presenter modules etc. This module includes our own FLV video player that tracks video viewing percentage by student as a gradable activity.
  • Connect Tutor Sessions - One-on-One live tutoring/mentoring sessions for students with Teachers/Mentors - including appointment scheduling and room access controls. Students can access recordings made while they were in a session but not the recordings made at other times.
  • Enrollment Tokens - RDS has implemented a powerful Token-based enrollment mechanism for managing course admission and learning paths. Full use of this system requires our custom platform but Tokens are supported as an enrollment mechanism on a drop-in basis.

Don’t want to manage your own servers? RDS also offers Refined Training, a fully hosted LMS solutions based on Moodle with additional extensive custom enhancements not available anywhere else. Our platform provides eCommerce, Learning Paths, Event Management, Custom Reporting, Dynamic Multi-Domain Content, HTML Messaging, CRM integration, Joomla integration and much more.

Connect-to-Moodle vs Free Integrator on Moodle Website

Think the free integration tool available on the Moodle website has all the functionality you need? Think again! Connect-to-Moodle is in a league of its own.

Most obvious difference:
The SSO associated with the free integrator doesn't work with Adobe Hosted Solutions (majority of Adobe deployments).

Connect-to-Moodle possesses all of the functionality of the free integrator PLUS the following:

  1. Filters - Being able to have a link to a meeting independent of a Moodle activity.
  2. Direct links to Adobe content (Presenter, Captivate, video, etc).
  3. Directly playing video from Adobe within a Moodle page.
  4. Iconic display of links that dynamically change based on the type of content.
  5. Pulling back time, phone info, name, and description for Adobe meetings displaying dynamically from within Moodle.
  6. My meetings display (and its a great iconic display).
  7. My recordings display.
  8. Personalization filters (i.e. personalized greetings).
  9. Showing content contingent on the user status (i.e. new user’s see different content than returning users).
  10. Displaying content in the user’s language of choice.
  11. Showing content contingent on user’s role in the system.
  12. Authentication Plug-in - Creates a Moodle account from Adobe, and vice-versa (free integrator only creates an Adobe account for the user).
  13. Ability to update the custom profile fields from Moodle to Adobe (address, company, title, phone, etc).
  14. Groups based permissions for easy changes.
  15. Connect Activities - scheduling reminders based on a meeting (replaces Adobe Events).
  16. Reports time spent in a meeting, results on a quiz, slides watched, etc, and allows creation of a Moodle grade based on these milestones.
  17. Tutor Sessions – users can book one-on-one training sessions in Adobe.
  18. Allows tutors to schedule their own slots, or have an administrator do it for them.
  19. Allows tutors to assign slots to students, or students the ability to pick their own
  20. Allows multiple tutors per student, can auto-assign tutors, provide missed session notifications, and extra session notifications.
  21. Ability to send reminders to tutors and students.
  22. Tokens Enrolment Plug-in - allows tokens to replace payment for courses.
  23. Can create and use multi-use or single use tokens.
  24. Randomly generated keys, or entered text to represent a token.
  25. Enrol in one course, one of a choice of courses, many courses, complete categories, or every course.
  26. Force user fields, like language or time zone, with use of a token.
  27. Separate the creator of a batch from those issuing tokens (i.e. to empower a sales team).
  28. Manager Reports Block - create a hierarchy of managers / locations to users.
  29. Multi-dimensional structure for almost any hierarchy setup.
  30. Selective reporting by manager (i.e. managers only see their own employees).
  31. Graphical and 3-dimensional chart based dashboard reports.
  32. Manager notifications of enrolments.
  33. Integration Library - a set of callable routines which integrate with Adobe which are callable from PHP.
  34. High performance - curl posts, with multi-statement execution (much faster than the free stuff).
  35. Caching previous calls to Adobe (hundreds of times faster).
  36. Web Services API - our own set of post/get able APIs.
  37. APIs to add users to Moodle & Connect simultaneously, apply tokens, register into courses, etc.
  38. Allows integration with external vendors (Salesforce integration coming soon).
  39. Allows Intranet integration with other packages easily.
  40. Allows custom registration pages, to register at once directly into Moodle, Adobe & a meeting (like a webinar page).
  41. Reports - customized reporting.
  42. Reports that are Excel downloadable, HTML or PDF displayed/downloaded.
  43. Monthly usage metrics.
  44. Time based course usage.
  45. Downloadable users in course, including whether they attended the meeting (great for Webinar follow-up).

As you can see, Connect-to-Moodle is a significantly more powerful integration tool than the free one available on the Moodle website, or anything available on the market today! To find out more, please contact one of our sales representatives at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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