The Carbon & Cost Savings Calculator for Adobe Connect

Did you know that it takes a large tree an entire year to absorb the CO2 produced by a single car journey of just 60 miles (100Kms)?

FootPrints is a must-have tool for any organization concerned with measuring and managing their carbon footprint.  This add-on for the Adobe Connect web conferencing application actually measure the amount of carbon you save with each web meeting you have that replaces a face-to-face meeting. The carbon savings are accrued when your employees avoid burning the fossil fuels used in air travel, automobiles and public transport, by attending an on-line meeting!

Every time a salesperson or service representative gets in a car or on a plane, they are contributing to global warming and the reduction of the world’s finite supply of non-renewable energy resources. With the widespread availability of web-based conferencing and virtual classroom technology, it’s now possible to teach, sell, train and collaborate with colleagues around the globe for a fraction of the cost of traditional meetings. Until Refined Data Solutions designed FootPrints, there was no quick and accurate way to determine the cost and carbon savings your enterprise accrues by virtue of using web conferencing technology. With FootPrints, not only is your organization better equipped to justify its investment in web conferencing, it is empowered to show its clients, prospects, employees, shareholders and the world, that it is a fiscally and environmentally responsible organization.

How can your enterprise benefit from Footprints, you ask? How can it not!

Click here to watch a demonstration video for Footprints.

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