The Carbon and Cost Savings Calculator for Adobe Connect.

Attendees see the Green Impact of your meetings, your finance department will see how much green you're saving!

Calculate Carbon, Cost and Distance Savings
Just drop Footprints into your Adobe Connect meeting rooms to automatically calculate your attendees carbon, cost and distance savings based on the meeting host's location.
View Attendee Locations
As a meeting host, you can view and share a map with the locations of each attendee in your meeting room.
Advanced Analytics
The real power behind Footprints, log in to your analytics manager to view your savings data by meeting, date, department, attendee, and much more.

Configure Your Travel Costs
You can set the cost for distance travelled for long or short haul flights, and automobile travel.
Export Your Data
Log in to your Footprints manager to select your savings data any way you like, and export it to CSV for use in any spreadsheet application.
Breakdown by Department
A great way to categorize your savings in your organization for reporting, create as many departments as you need and easily link your savings in your meeting rooms to them.

Show Savings with HTML5 Widget
Create widgets that can be embedded into any web page, to show in real-time either your carbon, cost or distance savings for all time or from a specific date.
View Saving by Attendee
Once logged into your Footprints manager, you can view savings for every person who has attended your Adobe Connect meetings, as well as the top cost and carbon savers.
Supports Multiple Currencies
Footprints supports many of the globe's major currencies, and you can display the savings in any currency.

Log into your manager at

Collect your carbon, cost and distance savings in your meeting rooms, then view, report and export your data in your Footprints manager. The Perfect addition to any Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate.

Embed your Footprints widget on any web page.

The new HTML5 friendly web widget can be embedded and displayed on any web page on any device. Below are a few examples of how you can use and customize your Footprints web widgets.

All of the values displayed below (and on your own Footprints widgets) are updated live each time you view them.

Plain and simple.

The is the default, plain styling that is displayed in the footprints widget creator. It's very simple and looks great on any page!


Slightly customized.

This is a plain widget with font customizations that shows a cost savings since January 1, 2012 for the Sales department only. All of these customizations can be set using the Footprints widget creator.


The sky's the limit.

This is a simple example of how you can style the widget using css.


...were not traveled this year!

No fly zone.

This example shows a Google map as a background, which can be loaded dynamically to show the region that you would have traveled if you did not meet online.
Here's an idea: If you created separate widgets for each of your offices, you could show a zoomed in satellite image of each office building and the total savings the employees in that building have saved.

The road less traveled.

This example shows all distance saved, in metric units, since you started using Footprints.

By meeting online, we have not traveled:

Carbon Savings Comparison (kg/CO2)

Let's compare notes!

The widget can also return the data it received to be used on any element of your page you like, such as a chart.
To do this, you can create the widget as normal using your Footprints manager, and add an optional third parameter to the FPWidget.load() method. The implementation of FPWidget.load() is as follows:

FPWidget.load(elementID, params, function(evt) {
	//evt contains data returned
Sales Department
Marketing Department
Tech Support Department

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