Fast Track
Automated participant tracking, post-event satisfaction survey and certificate issuance for companies delivering Continuing Professional/Legal Education (CPE/CLE) content.
Issue Challenges in Adobe Connect

Track Attendance in Fast Track

Get your meetings on the right track.

For Adobe Connect
Runs as a simple add-in pod in any Adobe Connect Pro meeting (hosted or licensed).
Completely configurable for every meeting or use your own standard account defaults.
Set Pass/Fail Criteria
Set your own Challenge/Response intervals and Pass/Fail criteria.
Timed Challenges
Use standard Challenge Intervals or randomized Challenge Intervals.
Pause Tracking
Pause and Resume Tracking when you break for lunch or overnight, for multi-day events.
Real-Time Data
View live updates and see at a glance who is missing challenges in your events.
Support for multiple, branded challenge screens based on your needs.
Customizable Auto-Generated Post-Event Surveys or redirect to your own survey engine.
Supports Jurisdictions
Supports unlimited Jurisdictions where users may be licensed in multiple States or Countries.
CPE/CLE Certificates
Fully customizable CPE/CLE certificates for every Jurisdiction personalized for each user.
Multiple Presenters
Supports unlimited Presenters and multiple Presenters in every event.
Post-Event Emails
Auto-Generation of post-event emails with links to the user's CPE/CLE Personalized Certificates.
Stored Certificates
All personal certificates are retained on our system for Five Years with instant access.
Fully Auditable
Fully Auditable Database with time-stamped records for every Challenge and Response.
Re-Issue Certificates
Search for any user in any event and instantly re-issue lost or misplaced certificates.
Presenter Ratings
Search for any Presenter and review their evaluation ratings over one or multiple events.
Track Your Recordings
Optional support for tracking in Connect recordings - great for monetizing your content.
Legacy Systems
Optional customization to push CPE/CLE credit data back into legacy systems.

Relieve your Compliance Tracking Headaches
Fast Track makes Compliance Tracking simple! Fast Track is fully compliant with the standards of the National Association of State Boards of Accoutancy (NASBA), and is in use by the top 5 Accounting Firms.

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