Custom Landing Pages
Your Adobe Connect, Your Way!

Host your Adobe Connect meeting Login Pages
On your own Corporately Branded subdomain!

Personalized Look and Feel
Completely control the look and feel of your pages with logos, links, images, icons and colours to match your corporate website and corporate personality!
Attendee Lists
Administrator access provides attendee lists complete with polling responses, downloadable in CSV or XML format.
Dynamic Response
Define business rules for dynamic response. For example, redirect users who arrive too early or too late for your events to alternate destinations. Flags all Connect attendees and no-shows in your CRMs too.
Dynamic Display
Display events based on user time zones. Works with all Adobe custom URL's including presentations, recordings and other assets stored in the Content Library
Optional integration with 3rd party systems such as Salesforce, CRM and other lead tracking systems.
Seamless Integration or SSO
Need Single Sign On for your Custom Landing Page? Visit our SSO-4-Connect page
Capture Additional Form Data
Specify user registration fields to capture additional information from participants, including polls!
Optional auto redirection to your meeting recordings for users who miss the live events all from a single URL.
Customize Multiple Pages
Support for multiple page designs selectable on a meeting by meeting basis

Here is an example of a
Cool Customized Landing Page
Custom landing page example

Coming Soon

Receive detailed analytics on
participant computer configurations

View operating system/add-in version,
flash version, ID-based location, even
connection status

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